Eve’s Rescue- Coalition Mates 3 Teaser




Here’s a teaser for Eve’s Rescue, due to be released in June!

***Adult content warning! Contains sexual situations and language that may offend some people, so please……eye-muffs if you’re on the delicate side! ****

Eve’s Rescue: Coalition Mates 3

Eve was officially drunk and getting sleepy, when Kai’s soft caresses on her feet began to turn into a slow massage working its way up her calves, and Kham’s hands began soft caresses along her shoulders, his hot breath tickling her ear. She barely even noticed that Kai had started to move closer, lifting her legs so her thighs were now over his lap, and Roan moved to take over massaging her feet with his massive hands. She was suddenly very aware of the fact that all three men were fully aroused and what a strange sensation it was to feel three hard cocks pressing insistently against her at various spots. With the wine making her feel relaxed and their hands making her feel other things, she decided to enjoy herself for just a few minutes before telling them to keep their grabby hands to themselves. Like…at least ten more minutes.

“So, tell us, love, what exactly are the parameters of your no-sex clause now that we are getting to know one another better?” Kham whispered softly into her ear before gently licking along her neck, causing a shiver to race down her spine into some very interesting places.

By this time Kai had the skirt of her dress pushed up to her thighs, and he was stroking hypnotically up and down, his thumbs getting closer to the heart of her with every pass. It was difficult to keep her traitorous body from opening her legs wider, giving him more access to where she craved his fingers would trail. Kham’s hands began to dip lower on her collarbone, his long golden fingers gently massaging the tops of her breasts bringing her nipples to tight attention.

“Well,” she managed to get out in a breathy voice, “obviously we are married, so a certain level of affection and touching would be appropriate…”

Her breath was cut off, and her words ended on a less than dignified squeal when Roan pressed the bottom of her foot fully against his hard cock beneath his pants. All three men were breathing just as heavily as she was, and she could tell they were maintaining an effort to be still beneath her. Eve had to admit to herself, that after a three-year dry spell her slightly slutty side was currently in a serious bitch-slap fight with her self-righteous feminist side on how this night was going to go down. But with three pairs of hands on her, not to mention other random body parts, the decision was rapidly leaning one way.

“What about this type of affection?” Kai said in a low voice as one of his hands slid up her torso and gently cupped her breast, lightly running his thumb back and forth over the hard nipple.

“Oh,” she breathed out as she pushed up into his hand. “Yes, that’s nice.”

Eve had begun to sweat now, Kham’s chest at her back felt like he was on fire. His lips were feathering along her neck while one of his hands came up over the other side of her to caress her other breast through the soft material of the dress. Her pussy had soaked through the small panties that she’d been given to wear with the ensemble, and she felt Roan’s hands move up along her hips to play with the strings on either side. His thumbs slowly gliding up and down on the top of her mound, never quite going low enough, but the light touch seemed to electrify the nerve endings. Her anticipation was making her pant as she wished he’d simply make his way to her clit. At this point she was so turned on that one firm pass over it, and she’d be screaming his name as she came.

“May we take off your dress, love?” Roan asked, never stopping the caress of his hands.

“But…rules…” She could barely put the two words together with all three sets of their hands slowly torturing her. Then all of a sudden their hands all stopped moving.

“What, nooo don’t stop!” she whimpered, moving her body against them trying to get them to continue.

“We won’t move until you tell us the rules, baby. Don’t you want us to touch you?” Kai asked in a whisper before he leaned up and slowly ran his tongue along her bottom lip.

“Oh my God, okay, fine,” she said in a rush. “Making out and heavy petting is okay, just no penetration.”

“Deal.” All three of the men accepted eagerly with determined nods.

It sounded weak even to her own ears, and her feminist alter ego was groaning in self-disappointment, but what the hell ever! Eve took a moment to look at the three men who were currently peeling her dress carefully from her shoulders like they were unwrapping a present. Kham had returned his lips to her neck while his golden hands lightly traced over her skin as Kai and Roan uncovered it setting her nerves on fire once again. Three sets of hands moved over her once she was bare, their touch just barely skimming over her making her crazy with the need for more. Over her breasts and down her sides, from the tops of her feet up the insides of her legs until they brushed back down the other side, down her arms to trail over her palms and fingers. Eve had never had such an overwhelming amount of stimulation over her skin before. How could such a gentle touch be so seductive?


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Sarah’s Crew Sizzling Summer Party on The Romance Reviews

Sizzling Summer Party
Sizzling Summer Party

Hi there! Come and check out Sarah’s Crew during The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Party happening from June 1st to June 30th! I’ll be participating with a free book give away of Talia’s Match: Coalition Mates 2 in the Q & A game, so read the Sarah’s Crew chapter blurb below to find the correct answer!

Sarah' Crew: Coalition Mates
Sarah’ Crew: Coalition Mates

Sarah’s Crew- Chapter Fifteen

As they wandered back to the ship, she wanted to stop at one last vendor to get some sweets for dessert tonight. Just as they finished up, three very large males stepped into their path and as she looked around, the entire lane cleared into a ghost town. All the vendors retreated back into their stores. The strangers looked like some sort of ape-men and since blasters weren’t allowed through security on the port they all had large machete-style blades on them and scowls on their faces as they looked at Zane, but it was the disgusting leers when they looked at her that really began to frighten her.

“Give us the female and we will let you live, Zornan., the largest beast man slurred out around big yellowed tusk-like teeth.

Zane pushed Sarah behind him and at the same time drew his short sword from his belt. “The female is my bond mate and not available. Step aside and I will let you live, Scutka scum.”

Two of the beasts snorted in laughter. The third rubbed his distended crotch and spit, “We don’t care if she’s your mother warrior, we’ll have our sport and get good coin for her on a pleasure slave ship.”

Zane tensed under Sarah’s hands on his back, he said over his shoulder to her, “Sarah, I’m going to have to fight them. If this looks like it’s not going in my favour you must run back to the ship. Do you remember the way?”

Sarah was really beginning to get scared now. That Zane thought he might not win against these brutes must mean that they were very dangerous warriors. She’d watched Rykken and Zane train for hours and was amazed at how skilled they both were.

“I won’t leave you here, Zane,” Sarah whispered to him over his shoulder.

The leader of the Scutka lunged forward at Zane just as he was about to look back at her. Zane shoved her a few feet back from them as he engaged the larger male. The other two seemed to be content to wait to see who came out on top as they stood aside with their swords drawn. They battled back and forth for some time. Sarah could barely breathe as both males landed several blows that left the other bloody. Finally when the large beast-man looked as though he was tiring, he swung out and Zane lunged at him impaling him on his sword. The grotesque male fell to the ground and his companions roared out and ran at Zane swords raised, the other two were obviously not as skilled as their leader as her bond mate was able to dispatch one right away and looked to be making short work of the other when Sarah noticed that the first Scutka was still alive.

She saw him reach behind his back and pull out a weapon as Zane was turned away from him, still fighting the last one. When she saw that it was a blaster, she screamed out, “Watch out, Zane!”

Sarah didn’t even think as she jumped in front of Zane as he killed the third beast and whirled around to see what she was yelling about. He turned just in time to see the Scutka shooting a blaster and Sarah diving in front of it to save him from getting shot in the back.

All Sarah felt was an electric jolt through her body then an excruciating burning through her abdomen. She saw Zane’s eyes widen before he lunged at the dying beast that had just shot her and lobbed his head clear off, then the burning turned into coldness as she succumbed to the darkness and passed out.

Zane couldn’t believe it. Sarah had actually lunged in front of a blaster to save him. No one except for his bond-mates had ever even stood up for him and here this tiny human female had sacrificed herself for him. Knowing that Tristan was their best bet at saving her due to the fact that the medics on the station wouldn’t know anything about human anatomy, he carefully picked her up in his arms and ran all the way back to the ship like all their lives depended on it.


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Coalition Mates Newsletter – 3

Hello sisters!

I’ve got a few things that I need to share with you all, so this will be our third installment of the newsletter.

First things first, after much effort on my part through various methods of bribery, I am sad to tell you that my husbands have utterly refused to sneak back to Earth and retrieve a copy of the second Magic Mike movie when it comes out, which also means we won’t be getting the Hagen Daz Caramel Cone ice cream either….sorry Talia. Apparently Earth being a “restricted planet” is kinda a big deal. Whatevs. I tried to point out that it wasn’t such a big deal that we all didn’t get our asses kidnapped! But I’ve been told in a nutshell that two wrongs don’t make a right or some such crap. Obviously they haven’t seen the first Magic Mike…..it makes a lot of things right 😉

Moving on, there are a couple of you who have been previously “talked to” about fondling various other species unusual body appendages whenever you see them– please stop. I understand that it may seem funny to you at the time, but many species do not seem to be “getting” our humour, and come on, you’re making us Earthers all look like backwater hillbillies who’ve never been out of the solar system before! …..which, yes, I know we haven’t. But gosh ladies, have some manners! Plus, instigation of familiar touch is a declaration of intent to court for many species, so you may just be getting more than you bargained for next time you think its funny to reach out and touch someone’s tentacles.

Lastly, to the very funny person(s) who anonymously sent the baby rattle to my husbands….. that was so NOT funny! It took me almost three days to make them believe me that I wasn’t knocked up. Then the rest of the week was spent trying cheer them up from their disappointment. I’m still not walking quite right.

I WILL find out who you are! and when I do you’d better watch out, I have an entire ship full of minions to cater to my every whim….and hacking into the spa reservation system to re-book you for a full body wax would be child’s play for these guys! So be very afraid bitches!

Lots of love,



Hello there!

Eve’s Rescue is with the publisher and has a tentative release date for June, so soon you’ll be able to meet the saucy wench who’s been put in charge of the Coalition Mates Newsletter! I will also post the cover art once it comes through, so thank you for reading and I’ll talk soon!


Coalition Mates Newsletter- 2


Hello again!

Its me…..Eve. I thought I’d send a quick update out to you all since we do have some news, my mates and I are in Adoan with Talia and her men and after a seriously disturbing ten hours of labour I am happy to announce that she delivered a robust 9lb 4oz of bouncing baby boy dragon! I’m not going to lie to you….it was a horrifying hot mess in there, but after all’s said and done he’s pretty darn cute. Even if he did burp a little fire at my face the first time I held him. I’m pretty sure my eyebrows will never be the same again. Which of course according to my husbands is my fault for sticking my googly eyes and baby-talking face too close to a newborn dragon shifters mouth…..like I knew? Who knows this stuff?? Well at any rate I’m sure they’ll come up with some excuse to “discipline” me later for it. I cant wait! 😉

Which brings me to our next topic that may be helpful to all of you trying to find your way out here in the universe. Ménage marriages.

Since this isn’t something that was a common option back on Earth, how could we ever have contemplated how to navigate such a relationship? Since Sarah, Talia and I have forged the path for you on this we’ve complied some tips for you if you find yourself the filling in a super hottie alien sandwich!

1. Never try to play your men against each other. This will most likely end up with them finding out and you having your ass paddled for trying to manipulate them…..on the other hand, if you dig a little discipline this is a sure fire way to get some. So enjoy!

2. If you have a large pet, say like a cat or something that happens to live on a spaceship with you, and said pet has a nasty habit of pulling out various trees out of the green space to drag into your bedroom to ‘play’, don’t try to blame the dirt trail on one of the random crew….because the freaking ship computer will just narc on you and show the vid recording of you trying to get rid of the evidence by stuffing a small tree into a to a maintenance panel to your mates.

3. Lastly, whether you have six mates or one, enjoy every second of your time out here with the ones that you love. Don’t let the biases of where we came from and the small mindedness of those with a limited imagination stop you from being yourself and being open to all the happiness that you deserve.

We all have our own baggage and inner battles to face, but it’s how you choose to let it affect those around you that shows your true character. Acceptance, kindness and love. Keep on putting it out there and I hopefully your ‘happy ending’ will find you in a place you had only imagined!




Well, thanks again for reading! I just finished ‘Eve’s Rescue: Coalition Mates 3’ this past weekend and sent it in so I hope you look forward to checking it out! Now to get to work on the next book in the series about Sally and Arkenon. Sally’s a stubborn serial dater and control freak who’s about to meet her match in the Courtesan Guild Master of Sirus. Good thing he’s spent his entire life learning how to see exactly what people need because Sally isn’t going to make it easy for him, but then again, that’s part of what draws him to her in the first place! But can she put her past to rest and learn to submit to a man who sets her body aflame and her heart out of control?



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Coalition Mates Terran Newsletter -First Edition


I’m sure all of you are wondering who I am, well my name is Evangeline Scott and I’m from Earth like you. I was nominated by the first two women of our kind to join the Coalition, Sarah and Talia to create this newsletter to make sure that all of you know that you’re not alone out there in the universe. I know most of you are still going through the process of figuring out what has happened and what the future will have in store, but its important to remember that we are all part of your family now. You have sisters and a bunch of really huge and scary brother-in-laws that have your back no matter what so don’t be a stranger if there’s anything we can do to help!

Now having said that, if you haven’t yet realised it, you’ve just become one of the most eligible and desirable species in the entire Coalition. So I thought I’d give you gals a few tips on dating males of the alien persuasion that I wished I would have had when I first met my husbands….

1. If at any point during the conversation the male gets a really confused look on their face after you speak and you’re certain that you’re translation chip hasn’t malfunctioned or anything, its most likely due to the fact that he has no idea what all your mad awesome Earth slang means. So either move on to someone a little brighter….or if he’s super hot, maybe just dumb it down. I mean, you can’t always have it all right?

2. If something they do or say comes across as super offensive try not to lose your temper right away, it may just be a simple culture miscommunication. Double check with your appointed liaison (that’s what they’re there for!) and if the male in question was indeed offside then you may proceed to go for a kick to the junk. I find that usually makes a lasting impression and generally improves manners or makes them just go away….unless my husbands ask, then I didn’t tell you that.

3. Dating is hard. I mean, its tough at the best of times; but if you’ve been hurt in the past it’s even harder to open up and trust someone enough to start a new relationship. I totally get that. But even I have to admit, the games that we were used to playing when it came to dating on Earth don’t really apply out here, when these guys are into you, they usually just either tell you or grab you (or in my case marry you while you are in cold sleep, but that’s an entirely different story). There doesn’t seem to be a lot of passive aggressiveness going on that I’ve encountered so far, so try to open up and give them the benefit of the doubt……unless you get a really bad feeling in your gut about them. Then just point at something shiny behind them and run like hell to the nearest exit.

Better to be safe than serial killed I always say….

Well, that’s all for now! I hope to be updating you all soon, Talia should be popping out a baby dragon any time now. Not sure what kind of hot mess to expect from that situation but I’m certainly not going to miss it!  Hey, at least we can’t complain about it being boring out here!

Love, Eve.


I hope you all liked the first edition of the Coalition Mates Terran Newsletter. Eve’s story is the next to be coming out in the Coalition Mates series, hopefully in the next couple of months. I will be updating the newsletter randomly when ever one of the characters from the previous novels has something of note to share with the group! Thanks for checking out the blog!


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Coalition Mates series updates

Hi there! I just wanted to give a quick update and look into the next couple of books in the Coalition Mates series that I’m working on.

Eve’s Rescue: Coalition Mates Book 3

I’ve almost got the first draft on this one done so I’d think it’ll be out May-June ish.

“Evangeline Scott was out trying to drown her sorrows and dance them away with some co-workers after the day from hell, little did she know it was all about to get much, much worse. Waking up in a strange hospital, surrounded quite obviously by foreigners, Eve wanted to smack herself. What an idiot! Getting drunk and drugged at a bar and then kidnapped and taken to some random country, she was supposed to be smarter than this. But when the very attractive strangers began to explain that she was not only taken from her country, but from her planet altogether….well, even smart women are allowed to freak out now and then. When she wakes up once more and finds out that she still isn’t home and on top of that, these high-handed alien men have up and married her without even asking she decides to extend a little good old-fashioned human female revenge treatment while she figures out her next move. Kai Dallen and Roan Quinn are Sirotian pirates who find themselves robbing the wrong ship, leaving them a choice between prison or working for a beautiful golden Pharaoh who wants them for more than their pick pocketing skills. When the Pharaoh Khaman-Ra’s ship ends up rescuing a cargo hold full of human females things heat up when all three men find themselves undeniably drawn to a fiery redhead.”

Sally’s Surrender: Coalition Mates Book 4

“Sally has always been good at getting what she wants from men…..and then moving on the next one. After she got laid-off from work her and her co-workers went for a last girls night out of drinks and dancing and as always she put her charms to the test. Free drinks were great, but unfortunately this time they ended up getting her passed out in the back of an alien slave ship. Bummer. Thank goodness they were rescued and now Sal finds herself having to make a new life in a universe where the possibilities are endless, she just has to pick one…..and stick with it. Figures there would be something in the fine print. Arkenon Quinn is the Courtesan Guild Master on Sirus, its his job to know what people want, to know what people need. He knows that Sally has some trauma in her past that’s caused her to hold herself back from forming attachments to people. Professionally he knows she has the ability to become a masterful courtesan when he offers for her to remain on Sirus, but personally he wants her more than he’s ever wanted any woman. Will Sally ever be able to trust anyone enough to move forward and claim her future?”

Interested in the rest of the series?