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Sizzling Summer Party
Sizzling Summer Party

Hi there! Come and check out Sarah’s Crew during The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Party happening from June 1st to June 30th! I’ll be participating with a free book give away of Talia’s Match: Coalition Mates 2 in the Q & A game, so read the Sarah’s Crew chapter blurb below to find the correct answer!

Sarah' Crew: Coalition Mates
Sarah’ Crew: Coalition Mates

Sarah’s Crew- Chapter Fifteen

As they wandered back to the ship, she wanted to stop at one last vendor to get some sweets for dessert tonight. Just as they finished up, three very large males stepped into their path and as she looked around, the entire lane cleared into a ghost town. All the vendors retreated back into their stores. The strangers looked like some sort of ape-men and since blasters weren’t allowed through security on the port they all had large machete-style blades on them and scowls on their faces as they looked at Zane, but it was the disgusting leers when they looked at her that really began to frighten her.

“Give us the female and we will let you live, Zornan., the largest beast man slurred out around big yellowed tusk-like teeth.

Zane pushed Sarah behind him and at the same time drew his short sword from his belt. “The female is my bond mate and not available. Step aside and I will let you live, Scutka scum.”

Two of the beasts snorted in laughter. The third rubbed his distended crotch and spit, “We don’t care if she’s your mother warrior, we’ll have our sport and get good coin for her on a pleasure slave ship.”

Zane tensed under Sarah’s hands on his back, he said over his shoulder to her, “Sarah, I’m going to have to fight them. If this looks like it’s not going in my favour you must run back to the ship. Do you remember the way?”

Sarah was really beginning to get scared now. That Zane thought he might not win against these brutes must mean that they were very dangerous warriors. She’d watched Rykken and Zane train for hours and was amazed at how skilled they both were.

“I won’t leave you here, Zane,” Sarah whispered to him over his shoulder.

The leader of the Scutka lunged forward at Zane just as he was about to look back at her. Zane shoved her a few feet back from them as he engaged the larger male. The other two seemed to be content to wait to see who came out on top as they stood aside with their swords drawn. They battled back and forth for some time. Sarah could barely breathe as both males landed several blows that left the other bloody. Finally when the large beast-man looked as though he was tiring, he swung out and Zane lunged at him impaling him on his sword. The grotesque male fell to the ground and his companions roared out and ran at Zane swords raised, the other two were obviously not as skilled as their leader as her bond mate was able to dispatch one right away and looked to be making short work of the other when Sarah noticed that the first Scutka was still alive.

She saw him reach behind his back and pull out a weapon as Zane was turned away from him, still fighting the last one. When she saw that it was a blaster, she screamed out, “Watch out, Zane!”

Sarah didn’t even think as she jumped in front of Zane as he killed the third beast and whirled around to see what she was yelling about. He turned just in time to see the Scutka shooting a blaster and Sarah diving in front of it to save him from getting shot in the back.

All Sarah felt was an electric jolt through her body then an excruciating burning through her abdomen. She saw Zane’s eyes widen before he lunged at the dying beast that had just shot her and lobbed his head clear off, then the burning turned into coldness as she succumbed to the darkness and passed out.

Zane couldn’t believe it. Sarah had actually lunged in front of a blaster to save him. No one except for his bond-mates had ever even stood up for him and here this tiny human female had sacrificed herself for him. Knowing that Tristan was their best bet at saving her due to the fact that the medics on the station wouldn’t know anything about human anatomy, he carefully picked her up in his arms and ran all the way back to the ship like all their lives depended on it.


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