Coalition Mates series updates

Hi there! I just wanted to give a quick update and look into the next couple of books in the Coalition Mates series that I’m working on.

Eve’s Rescue: Coalition Mates Book 3

I’ve almost got the first draft on this one done so I’d think it’ll be out May-June ish.

“Evangeline Scott was out trying to drown her sorrows and dance them away with some co-workers after the day from hell, little did she know it was all about to get much, much worse. Waking up in a strange hospital, surrounded quite obviously by foreigners, Eve wanted to smack herself. What an idiot! Getting drunk and drugged at a bar and then kidnapped and taken to some random country, she was supposed to be smarter than this. But when the very attractive strangers began to explain that she was not only taken from her country, but from her planet altogether….well, even smart women are allowed to freak out now and then. When she wakes up once more and finds out that she still isn’t home and on top of that, these high-handed alien men have up and married her without even asking she decides to extend a little good old-fashioned human female revenge treatment while she figures out her next move. Kai Dallen and Roan Quinn are Sirotian pirates who find themselves robbing the wrong ship, leaving them a choice between prison or working for a beautiful golden Pharaoh who wants them for more than their pick pocketing skills. When the Pharaoh Khaman-Ra’s ship ends up rescuing a cargo hold full of human females things heat up when all three men find themselves undeniably drawn to a fiery redhead.”

Sally’s Surrender: Coalition Mates Book 4

“Sally has always been good at getting what she wants from men…..and then moving on the next one. After she got laid-off from work her and her co-workers went for a last girls night out of drinks and dancing and as always she put her charms to the test. Free drinks were great, but unfortunately this time they ended up getting her passed out in the back of an alien slave ship. Bummer. Thank goodness they were rescued and now Sal finds herself having to make a new life in a universe where the possibilities are endless, she just has to pick one…..and stick with it. Figures there would be something in the fine print. Arkenon Quinn is the Courtesan Guild Master on Sirus, its his job to know what people want, to know what people need. He knows that Sally has some trauma in her past that’s caused her to hold herself back from forming attachments to people. Professionally he knows she has the ability to become a masterful courtesan when he offers for her to remain on Sirus, but personally he wants her more than he’s ever wanted any woman. Will Sally ever be able to trust anyone enough to move forward and claim her future?”

Interested in the rest of the series?

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