Raven’s Awakening

Hello,I’m throwing this little tidbit into the poem category. It’s going to be be part of a new paranormal romance series I’m working on. Hope you enjoy!

Raven’s Awakening


Some nights, when the moon is bright in the sky and the air tastes of darkness and magic; my otherness seems to embrace me.

I feel her stretch out under my skin and scent for her prey and at that moment I am utterly free and whole.

I’ve never felt freedom like there is to be found in the warm embrace of the dark. But with that freedom comes a price; a raw and terrifying hunger that does not feel like it is my own.

There is no doubt, no confusion, no emotion; but also no control.

Just a carnal hunger for strength and dominance.

For uncontrollable wildness.

For claws and teeth.

I fear that if one of these nights, when she’s awake inside of me, if ever I met the one who could satisfy these needs I would be lost.

I would surrender everything to him.

I crave it with everything I have, and I fear it with everything that I am.

But in the end, which will win?

The fear or the hunger?

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