OFF-LIMITS by Gale Stanley @GaleStanley @sirenbookstrand

OFF-LIMITS Sanctuary 1


Heat Rating: SCORCHING

Word Count: 21,584

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]



When Quinn Hart’s best friend died, he became guardian to the man’s ten-year- old son, Noah Stone. So far, Quinn has been able to conceal the growing attraction he feels for Noah, but now Noah is twenty-two and returning home from college. Honor still holds Quinn back from revealing his true feelings. Their community of bear shifters consider reproduction a priority, and Quinn fears they would never accept a homosexual relationship.

Noah has always hidden his romantic feelings for his guardian, but now he’s a man, and his desire is stronger than ever. Unable to handle his feelings, Noah leaves Oregon for a position in a research facility. But when Noah arrives in New York, he discovers his employer is harvesting bear bile and he’s the new source.

Quinn is determined to find Noah. But can he admit what he really wants before it’s too late?



Home. Noah had forgotten how much he missed the endless expanse of lush green landscape and the sparkling river. And the trees. Especially the trees. When the leaves whispered in the wind, it made Noah’s heart ache. Whoever had named their small town knew that trees were sanctuaries.

But for all that, home wasn’t a place, it was a person—Quinn. Noah could live anywhere with Quinn. But a life with Quinn was as likely as a sharknado ripping through Sanctuary.

Noah moved away from the window and gazed at his reflection. The mirror was wall mounted and speckled in places. The frame matched the wood dresser beneath it. A handknitted brown and tan spread covered the crude pine bed. The room had been decorated on a meager budget, but it was warm and comforting because Quinn had handcrafted all the furniture himself.

Noah’s bedroom hadn’t changed since he was a kid. Yesterday, when he’d first stepped through the door, he’d felt the walls close in on him. As a kid, this room seemed huge, but now that he was a man, he could see how small it really was. It felt surreal like turning back the clock, but not in a bad way. If only he could—

“Where’s the man of the hour?”

The sound of loud voices traveled up the stairs. More guests had arrived for the party. The community was small, but when everyone attended an event, it could be overwhelming. Noah checked his image in the mirror again. He’d already changed shirts several times, and he still wasn’t sure that he liked the blue chambray shirt he’d put on with his khakis. Why am I making such a big deal out of this? He felt like Marcus primping for one of those stupid frat parties. What difference did it make what color shirt he wore? Stop stalling, he told himself. You can’t stay in your room forever.

Noah stood at the top of the stairs. Below, friends and neighbors were chatting excitedly. Noah had nothing to say to them. He would disappoint them. Anxiety made his stomach churn.


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Gale Stanley grew up in Philadelphia PA. She was the kid who always had her nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hands on a pad and pencil.

Some things never change.

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FIELD OF GRATITUDE by Jacqueline Anne @AuthorJacAnne @sirenbookstrand


Field of Gratitude

Book 4 of The Field Series


They say things can change in a split second.

After surviving a hellish childhood as an orphan, Buccaneers pitcher Carlos Castillo keeps to himself, fearful of losing everything. That is, until he’s stranded during a snowstorm and rescued by antique shop owner Hope Hartmann.

With a passion for treasures and stories, Hope dreams of the fairy tale love and won’t settle for anything less. Then one extraordinary snowy day, a handsome ballplayer knocks on her door. Taking him in, she discovers a connection she’d never before experienced.

Carlos can’t ignore his feelings for Hope or the light she sheds on his painful past. He shows Hope heaven during hell, a time filled with threats and destruction.

It was a love Carlos never knew existed, and one Hope always wished for. Will a dangerously mysterious treasure ruin their chance at love?


[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspense, M/F, HEA]


Pre-order – 10% discount! Available October 31st.





He walked in, stomping the snow off his sneakers onto her doormat. “Sorry to be a bother, ma’am. Me llamo Carlos Castillo,” he said with an accent. She immediately knew English was not his first language. “May I borrow your phone? My car broke down and my cell phone battery is almost dead.”

“Sure. Hope Hartmann. Nice to meet you, Carlos.” She held out her hand. He removed his gloves and shook it, her breath hitching at his touch. She had shaken tons of hands over the years, and it never felt like this. It was as if he was caressing her, his hand both rugged and smooth.

Snap out of it, Hope.

“Right this way.” She gestured for him to walk toward the counter. She didn’t want him behind her, just in case. Oh, who the hell was she kidding? She had the sudden urge to check out his backside. As he walked by her, she inhaled his masculine scent and admired his tight tush clad in denim.

They reached the desk and she handed him the phone.

He grabbed a card from his wallet and dialed. He spoke to someone in Spanish, making her wish she could remember more from her high school classes, but either way, she was thoroughly enjoying hearing him talk. After a few minutes, he hung up.

“Thank you. A tow truck will be here within two hours. Is there a food place open?”

“Lucky for you, there is one bar open until midnight in this small town,” she explained. It wasn’t a big place, but Hal’s would do.

Gracias. Um, would you like to come with me? I would like to buy you some comida for your troubles,” he offered with a genuine smile.

Food from Hal’s actually entailed greasy burgers and fries, but beat a granola bar any day.

“Sure. Thank you. Give me a few minutes to finish up here and we can walk over. Why don’t you charge your cell phone while you are waiting? I have a few different chargers for my customers to use while they shop. It often keeps them in the store longer.”

* * * *

 Carlos plugged his phone in a charger then watched the woman move around the charming shop full of various items. Hope Hartmann was a vision and there was something intriguing about her. She was beautiful and possessed the girl-next-door vibe, as his teammates explained to him one day since he had never heard that term before.

His heart rate had picked up a bit from the first moment their eyes met. No matter how much his English tutor had helped him, when he got nervous, he mixed Spanish and English together. It drove some of his teammates crazy.

“Is this your shop?” he questioned.

“I am the H in F&H Treasures. My twin sister, Faith, and I own this place. What brings you through this town other than car troubles?”

“I’m on vacation, although it hasn’t been a good start so far. I’m heading to a lakeside cabin a few towns over.”

“By yourself?” She quirked an eyebrow then continued putting away some more items.

While he was used to the idea of being by himself, being in the presence of a beauty like Hope, reminded him of the many downfalls. “Trying something new for the holidays this year.”

“What made you select somewhere cold? I’m guessing by your attire that you aren’t used to the snow.”

“Dart game with some friends.” He chuckled, remembering the late night after Graham and Jordan’s wedding. It was Cece’s idea, the free-spirited one. She had grabbed a map from a box in Tyson’s SUV and taped it to the wall at the bar. Carlos didn’t think most people owned maps anymore, but Cece explained she wanted it for some art project.

“I’m from the Dominican Republic. This is my first snowy winter. I usually spend my off-season in Florida.” He purchased a small condo not too far from the beach when he first signed with the Buccaneers. It made sense since he was down there for spring training, and he preferred the warmer weather.

“Off-season? What do you do?”

“I play baseball.”

“As in professionally?”

He nodded. He was proud of his achievements, but still felt awkward talking about his career. It was a dream job for many that only a few got to experience.


He wasn’t sure about her simple response. When most people discovered what he did, they would start asking a bunch of questions and ask for his autograph, and he found it overwhelming.

Hope grabbed her coat and bag, turned off the lights, and locked up the store. He stayed beside her as they walked toward the bar when Hope began to laugh uncontrollably. It confused him, but the wild sound warmed his heart.

“Hope? What’s so funny?” he curiously asked.

She quickly covered her mouth. “I’m so sorry. I’m not laughing at you. This whole day has been odd. First, there was this peculiar snow globe. Then you, this gorgeous professional baseball player, comes knocking on my door. Literally.” She giggled again. “I had pepper spray in my hand ready to use it in case you were a burglar or a rapist.”

Gorgeous, huh? He grinned at her compliment. “Better to be safe than sorry. Now that I think about it, I am very grateful you even opened the door.




 “I’m really hoping you are going to join me in here rather than stand there,” he urged, snapping her away from ogling.

She took a few steps in and leaned against the sink. “Maybe I’m enjoying the view,” she countered.

“It’s much better from in here.”

She had no doubt. Smiling, she undressed, his eyes watching her the whole time. The way he looked at her made her hot, and she could feel the passion exuding from his cinnamon brown eyes, like he was mentally devouring her.

She stepped into the shower, and Carlos shifted her right under the water. Closing her eyes, she leaned her head back to wet her hair, welcoming the steamy liquid when Carlos began sucking on her breasts. An erotic moan escaped her as his hands slithered down her body and cupped her sex. She gazed into his eyes and saw a mischievous look, and then he was kneeling before her.

“Hold on to the walls,” he requested. He lifted her left leg, causing her to squeal and try to keep her balance, and then he placed it over his shoulder. “I won’t let you fall, Esperanza.”

The statement sounded like a promise but took on so many different meanings in her mind. She didn’t want to lose her balance in the shower, but the man caressing her made her weak in the knees. She didn’t want to fall flat on her face when it came to life or her business, and he had been right beside her the past two days.

She couldn’t help falling for him.

She nodded at his words, deciding either way falling wasn’t so bad with Carlos around.

Watching his deliberate movements, he smoothed his hands up her legs, one remaining on her butt holding her in place while fingers from the other sank into her pussy. With a sharp intake of breath, she caught his attention, and it earned her one of his sexy smiles displaying nothing but sensuality and desire. Their gaze remained on each other while he moved his fingers in and out of her. Despite the rush of water flowing over her, she could feel the heat and wetness seeping from her. The way he moved and the look in his eyes slowly tantalized her, turning her on even more. For in that moment, their pleasure was their only care in the world.

Carlos dipped his head with his tongue darting out to taste her. She gripped his head, enjoying the silkiness of his wet, dark hair. He dug his fingers into her ass, deeply massaging the curves as he continued licking her. Feeling his fingers roaming closer to her anus, she moaned and rocked her hips wanting more, and he began probing the tight hole.

“Oh God, Carlos. That feels so good,” she enticed him.

She felt her orgasm start to build. Carlos was sucking her clit and fingering her, increasing the intensity when he splayed his other hand over her behind and his finger slid past the tight opening of her ass.

“Fuuuck!” She groaned at the full feeling as euphoric tremors seized her.

Carlos was relentless with the pleasure he gave, drawing out her orgasm to the point where she was sure she would collapse right onto the tiled floor. He must have sensed it because he quickly changed his hold to prevent her from falling. Then he stood and immediately pulled her into his arms, her head settling onto his chest while she tried to slow her breathing.

The passion this man had was mind-blowing, and she wanted him to feel the same way.

Pressing soft, open-mouth kisses over his pecs, stopping to lick each of his nipples, she moved her tongue down over his abs, feeling the dips of each defined muscle. She watched him closely as she moved to her knees. His expression was a mixture of longing and gratitude.

“Hope,” he said breathily.

She licked the entire length of his cock, drinking up the pellets of water. She dragged her fingernails up his legs, feeling the coarse hair covering his strong limbs. Reaching his hips, she moved one hand to his fine ass and cupped his balls with the other, all while sucking him deep into her mouth.

“You’re bocaEsperanza.” He growled. “That feels so fucking good.”

She loved hearing the Spanish roll off his tongue, knowing he was extremely turned on right now. Swirling her tongue around his tip, tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum, she took him into her mouth again, her tongue dancing around his dick, feeling the smoothness mixed with the engorged veins. As she felt his balls tighten up, she began to gently knead them.

Carlos gripped her head and began moving his hips, fucking her mouth. She took everything he gave her while she kept exploring and licking his cock.

“Hope, I have to—”

She knew he was about to come and wanted to taste him. Moaning her approval, the sound vibrating her lips around his length, he rocked into her faster then stilled, a low growl arising from his chest as he ejaculated into her mouth.

He went to pull out, but she stopped him, wanting just a few more soft sucks of his now sensitive cock.

Oh Dios mío.” He shuddered.

She loved the fact that she could make this tall, strong, sexy man—a man who she could only imagine had his choice of women—quiver with her touch.





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SOLD by Doris O’Connor @sirenbookstrand @mamaD8

Thanks so much for having me on your blog with my new release Sold. This is book one in a new Vampire Series, The Vampire Games, where vampires of all ages find their curvy human heroines. Things are never straightforward at The Games, but kink, heat and ultimately love are always guaranteed. J
I had such fun writing Atlan’s and Evie’s story and am knee deep in book two of this series, where you will meet Henri and Jo.
For now, though, the stage belongs to Atlan and Evie and their journey.
As one early review said: 

“A perfect mixture of a little drama, tenseness and growing love. Will Evie make Atlan realize that he can have love in his life? Get the book and find out for yourself!”

[Siren Sensations: Erotic Contemporary Consensual BDSM Paranormal Romance, vampires, M/F, HEA]
Evangeline Prewitt has had better days, weeks, and quite possibly months. A rent increase on top of a huge car repair forces her to seek out her boss for financial help. His solution? Enter The Games.
Evie has her doubts about being sold off to the highest bidder—who would want a plump waitress? However, desperate times call for drastic measures. Besides, it’s only sex. What can possibly go wrong?
Atlan St. James seeks out The Games for a little distraction. This three-hundred-year-old vampire is drawn to the delicious human bundle of curves the minute he sees her. Evie will be his, at least for the night. What neither of them counts on is the instant connection between them. After all, sex is easy. Emotions are far more difficult to negotiate.
As far as Atlan is concerned, the only solution is to let his precious angel go.
Evie, however, will not be dictated to.
The game is on.

Buy it from Bookstrand

Evie shifted, uncomfortable under Atlan’s intense gaze as he watched her eat. After that spectacular fuck against the kitchen counter, which had left her spent and breathless, Atlan had surprised the hell out of her. It had been enough of a shock to discover that he hadn’t bitten her that time because her orgasm had been just as intense as the ones she’d had the night before. He could have easily drained her dry, and she would have been none the wiser. The fact that he hadn’t, had taken his time to clean her up gently with a warm washcloth, before picking her up and depositing her at the kitchen table, and had proceeded to serve her dinner…well, a girl could get to love that treatment.
“You’re not eating?” she asked now, and he smiled at her over the red wine he’d been sampling.
“I fed well last night, my sweet, and while I can ingest food, I don’t need it. I don’t have to pretend with you, so I’m simply content to watch you eat.”
Heat rose in her cheeks, and an answering warmth spread between her thighs at his knowing look. Everything felt super sensitive down there, not helped one iota by the fact that she was sans undergarments. The pretty lingerie she had been wearing hadn’t fared too well in that impromptu fuck fest against the counter. His nostrils flared in that subtle way he had when he was sniffing her, and lord help her, she was soaking wet again.
Atlan’s grin deepened, and he picked up her abandoned fork, speared another morsel of the succulent chicken on it, and held it up to her lips.
“If you want me to fuck you again, you need to eat up.”
Evie dutifully opened her mouth and resumed eating with him feeding her until her plate was clear. There was something incredibly intimate about the act of being fed by your lover, and by the time he stopped she was a panting, horny mess, again.
“This is insane.” Her whispered words made Atlan’s fangs run out, and everything inside of her clenched in need.
“What is insane?” he asked.
Evie took a deep breath in and grasped hold of her wine glass instead of giving in to her hormones and straddling the man, demanding that he fuck her right here and now.
Instead, she took a deep gulp of the expensive red and shook her head.
“How is it possible that I want you again? I’ve had more orgasms over the last twenty-four hours than I had in the last year, and here—”
Atlan’s laugh cut her short, and she slapped her hand over her mouth, mortified at what she’d just said.
“Don’t be embarrassed. If that really is true, then the men around you must be blind fools.”
It was her turn to laugh, and Atlan’s brows drew together in a frown.
“I mean it. You’re a beautiful, vibrant, sexy young woman. You should have men queuing around the block to take you out.”
Evie shrugged and kept her gaze on the lines running through the wood of the table.
“No queues, I assure you. No one wants to take out the fat girl.”
Atlan’s furious growl shook the table. It should have been terrifying to see him like this. Right now, with his fangs fully extended, his amazing eyes a swirl of dark brooding clouds of gray, blue, and glowing yellow, he looked the epitome of all things evil. He also looked sexy as hell. Evie didn’t even try to justify her emotions, because deep down in that Atlan-sized shape he’d carved in her heart, she knew his anger wasn’t directed at her, that he would never harm her.
“That is the most fucked-up thing I ever heard, and believe me, I’ve heard all sorts of shit over the last few hundred years.” His voice held that deep delicious growl that made her want to sink to her knees and beg him to do to her whatever he pleased. However, sex didn’t seem to be on Atlan’s mind at the minute. “If you weren’t still sore from yesterday, I would pummel that gorgeous butt of yours until you see sense. You’re everything a woman ought to be. Soft, with curves in all the right places. No man wants to fuck a bag of bones and give himself friction burn, trust me on that, sweetheart.”
Evie blinked at the unexpected endearment. He still looked far too intense, and her heart turned over in her chest with all the pent-up emotions bubbling around in there, so she had to lighten the mood.
“You know how that sounds, right? You’re now discriminating against skinny chicks and—”
“This is such fucking bullshit.”
His snarled response cut her off, and before she could even blink he’d pulled her to her feet, flung her over his shoulder, and they were racing up the stairs at dizzying speeds.
She gasped in awe when he slid her down onto the floor and she realized where they were. On top of the house in his art studio. With the lights off and the shutters down, the night sky with its multitude of stars blinked down at them. The full moon hung in the middle of it all, heavy and blinding in its intensity, and it filled the space with an eerie, supernatural glow which added to the whole breathtakingly stunning ambiance.
Evie put her hands out and spun around in a circle, utterly transfixed by the spectacle of nature.
“Oh my gosh, this is beautiful.”
“Yes, it is.”
Atlan had lost his annoyed tone, and when she glanced at him, it was to see him watching her, not the scenery.
She gasped and stopped talking when he cupped her pussy through the sodden lace and found her clit at the top of her hood.
“Not God, sweetheart, just your average three-hundred-year-old vamp at your service.” Atlan dropped his voice as she clenched her thighs, and her hips surged downward to seek more pressure from his fingers.
“You’re…oh, please, don’t stop…you’re three hundred? And oooh, I…”
Instead of answering her, Atlan caught her screech of surprise in his mouth as his lips crashed over hers at the same time as he pushed the underwear out of his way and sunk two fingers knuckle-deep into her clenching core. Her internal muscles grasped his digits, and he thrust in and out of her cunt while he kissed her senseless.
Evie didn’t hold back. She flexed her hips and whimpered her need into his mouth while kissing him back with the same fevered urgency he experienced. The buttons on his shirt pinged off in all directions in her haste to get him undressed. Her fingernails scored his skin, and the sweet pain made him lose what little control he had left. Atlan took over, wrenched his lips off hers, and flipped them so that she was underneath him. Having pinned her hands back above her head and secured them with the restraints attached to the headboard, he yanked her downward, so that all her bountiful curves were his for the taking.
Her eyes widened when he divested himself of the rest of his clothing, and he groaned in relief when his dick sprang free. Evie’s corresponding whimper of need and the way her gaze snared on his erection made him even harder.
“Oh. My. God.”
Evie licked her lips, her gaze riveted on the action of his hand as he stroked up and down his length slowly. He tapped her thighs in a quiet command, and when she immediately opened to him, displaying herself, he smiled.
“That’s my good girl. You’re so fucking wet already. Tell me, my angel, how badly do you want my cock?”
He gripped himself harder, ran his thumb through the drops of pre-cum coating his thick head, and used the natural lubrication to work his dick harder. Evie started panting and tried to close her thighs, but he was having none of that. He swatted her pussy once and his girl tensed and groaned.
“Please, I…”
Her reaction made him do it again, and again. Her eyes closed, her head thrashed from side to side, and each well-placed slap brought her closer to release. To see her writhing on the bed, so close to release, so utterly inhibited in her responses, made him ache to be inside her. Atlan gripped the bottom of his shaft hard to stave off his own release, as one last well-placed and much harder swat meant she tumbled over that edge with a scream to bring in the neighbors, had he had any.
Luckily his staff knew better than to intervene, and that was the last conscious thought Atlan had before he ripped off that sodden lace, which prohibited his view of her juicy pussy, buried his face between her thighs, and lapped up her need.
Grasping her luscious ass cheeks, he lifted her up and drank down her arousal. Evie didn’t disappoint as she locked her thighs around his head and rode out the multitude of orgasms he wrung from her. Atlan latched onto her clit and sucked that little hard nub into his mouth while he sank his teeth into her moist flesh. Evie went wild underneath him, the scent and flavor of her life essence mixing in with her cum, as she screamed her release. Atlan released his hold on her clit, licked the wounds closed, and tunneled his tongue into her clenching hole instead, while he took her arousal all the way back between her ass cheeks to that little ring of muscle guarding her other entrance.
He rimmed that tiny hole, as she tensed her hold around him and pulled on the restraints tethering her to the bed. By the time he breached her butt with his tongue, shoved several fingers into her pussy, and fucked her with his fingers, she flew again.
Atlan murmured his encouragement into her perspiration-soaked skin, as he licked a path back up over her quivering belly until he reached the heavy mounds of her breasts. Circling each nipple in turn, he bit down lightly, leaving his teeth marks on the soft tissue. Only when she started to whimper and plead for him to stop, did he align his aching cock with her slick entrance and thrust deep with a groan of his own.
Her quivering cunt muscles closed around him like a hot, wet fist, and Evie gasped. She arched her head back, offered her delicate neck for him to take, and without thinking about anything but the need to make this woman his, he sunk his fangs into her neck while he started to fuck her in earnest.
Evie screamed and shook as her blood filled his mouth and her pussy sucked him in deeper. Harder, faster, he drove into her soft body like a madman, intent only on seeking his own release, satisfied with the knowledge that she met him thrust for thrust, until they came together in a mind-shattering orgasm, which took over every atom of his body, as she convulsed under and around him.
About Doris
Doris is a writer of sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die
for, and heroines who give as good as they get.  From contemporary to
paranormal, Time Travel, Sci-fi, BDSM, F/F, M/M, and Ménage, haunting love
stories are guaranteed.
Happily married for the last twenty-seven years, she lives with her husband and their
brood of nine in a far too small house filled with love, laughter, and chaos.
Stalk her in these places


May your 2017 be filled with moments that take your breath away. @limitlessbooks @evernightpub


Finally, 2017 has arrived! I am wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous new year, filled with love and joy.


December 2016 marked my second year of writing, and it was a great one full of new things to learn and new colleagues and readers to meet. I became a part of the Evernight Publishing family as well as the Limitless Publishing family and the experience has been wonderful.

The plan for 2017 is to try and whittle down on the massive WIP listing I have going! It seems like there’s a new world and new characters crashing into my head uninvited every day now, so it’s been tough not to get distracted by them. But here is what I’m planning on getting done this year, and then what ever time I have left I guess I’ll just let those deviant characters in my head fight it out for dominance. 😉

-Shared for the First Time Anthology (this one is a paranormal boxset due out in the spring)

-Broken Soul’s Series book 2…. now Oliver has been waiting very patiently for his story to be told, and even his patience has a limit 😉 but when someone pushes him too far–well, lets just say you’ll find out what happens.

-Alien Captors Series book 2: This is the next book after Precious Cargo and it takes us back to Dolak to discover a rather feisty surprise for two unsuspecting males.

-Coalition Mates Series: Okay, so book 5 will be coming out at the end of this month for my CM series, but as for who’s up next, that may come down to which characters are co-operating when I sit down to write them. I would love to get the three that have been harassing me the most written this year, which would be Kalista’s book, Devyn’s book and the feisty new comer from book 5, Kali’s cousin Drogan.

Aside from those, there are a few other on-going projects that will of course be continuing on, such as my Beyond The Veil series with Maia Dylan and Elena Kincaid. We’ve got book 3 coming out in approx. Feb, and then still more to come.

Ahhh so much to write, and so little time!


In the meantime, if you’re looking for a quickie to take away the holiday cleanup humdrum, why not check out my little Romance on The Go with Evernight? Its a saucy New Year’s office ménage that is sure to get you motivated. 😉


Here’s a little taste…

Adult Excerpt:

Grey loved the way Laura’s eyes dilated even further at his whispered words, and when she licked her lips, he couldn’t resist any longer. He closed the distance between their mouths and kissed her finally. When her lips opened on a gasp, he pushed forward and took her mouth like he’d been imagining for all these years.

It was sensual, and deep, filled with all the longing he’d been holding back. She tasted just as good as he knew she would have, like strawberries and the wine she’d had with dinner. He pulled back when Barrett let out a groan, knowing that he had to share the bounty of her soft mouth, and when he did, she moaned and tried to follow his retreat. Grey liked that. His cock was already hard enough to hurt, and the little noises of surrender coming from those sweet lips of hers made him ache even more to slide inside of her.

When Barrett leaned forward and took Laura’s mouth in a desperate kiss, Grey moved his attention to the delectable body that he’d been imagining for what felt like eternity. Laura kept herself covered up, but in those sexy skirts, Grey imagining bending her over on just about every surface in the office. Truth be told, it was significantly cutting into his productivity. He thought about fucking her three quarters of the day, and knew that Barrett did the same. Ironically, without her here to keep things running smoothly, their business would have suffered.

He ran his shaking hands down her sides, his thumbs barely grazing the hard nipples he could see through her dress. The dress he had bought her. He really liked the thought that she was wearing what he had chosen for her. He wondered though, what she’d picked to wear underneath it, and as he found the side zipper and slowly lowered it, his pulse was racing at the thought of all that creamy white skin that was now theirs for the taking. When he reached up and undid the clasp of the halter top around her neck, the dress slowly cascaded down her curvy body, revealing bright, red lace that made both men groan in appreciation.

“You’ve been hiding this sexy body from us for too long, baby,” Barrett said with a growl. “I want to touch it all. Grey, let’s see what’s ours.”

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FIELD OF PASSION AND DREAMS by Jacqueline Anne @AuthorJacAnne @sirenbookstrand


Field of Passion and Dreams

Book One of The Field Series

**Release Date – November 2, 2016**


Graham Grayson is a hard worker and all around gentlemen. His dream to play in the majors like his dad just came true. He was called up to be the catcher for the Pittsburgh Buccaneers. On the day of team photos, he meets photojournalist Jordan Michaela Roy.

Still grieving the loss of her dad, Jordan sets aside emotions and memories of her sports reporter father to find her passion again on the field as a sports photojournalist. While working spring training for Major League Baseball, she never anticipates passion igniting off the field, too.

Neither Graham nor Jordan can deny their explosive attraction or the happiness they feel being with each other. Their fathers’ past friendship has them wondering about destiny.

While they worry about the demands of their careers, traveling, and being in the public eye, nothing can prepare Graham for the devastating news that makes him question life, his dream, and love.

Will Graham realize his mistakes before it is too late?

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Story Excerpt

            Jordan realized she was downing her berry martini way too fast, hoping Mike would go away or the drink would magically make him disappear—or at least make this conversation less excruciating. Actually, to be a conversation, two people would have to be participating. Mike was the only one talking and all about himself. It seemed to be his favorite subject.

            No such luck. The martini did not possess the magical powers she was hoping for.

            She tried walking away a few times, but he boxed her in each time. She also attempted to get Neal’s attention who was too busy on the other side of the large room. She didn’t want to make a scene, but she also had dignity. A fine balance Jordan was struggling with at the moment because she was certain this man didn’t hear the word “no” very often. He was so full of himself, she was beginning to find it humorous. She had to bite her lip to keep from laughing at him. Jordan cussed at her tendency to laugh when she was in a bizarre situation. She had done it the other day during Graham’s photo session when he complimented her. Although she found that to be a different kind of ridiculous.

            She downed the rest of her drink and set it on the bar when she felt a warm hand on the small of her back. As the heat rushed through her, she immediately knew who it was before she even turned around.

            “There you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

            She turned to see Graham standing beside her. He pressed a soft, sweet kiss to her cheek. The moment—the sensation—left her stunned at first, then tingling all over. How in the world did he ignite so much in her with a simple touch?

            She gazed up and down his body, admiring how handsome he looked in his suit.

            “May I have this dance?” he kindly asked.

            She looked at Mike with the smirk he had on his face—one she would love to wipe off. Then she turned to Graham, smiled and said ever-so-politely, “I would love to.”

            He took her hand, kissed the top of it and led her to the dance floor. He was such a gentleman. He drew her into his arms and began moving her around so naturally. The man could definitely dance.

            “Mike should thank you, you know. I was close to decking him.”

            Graham chuckled. “I don’t doubt it. It would have been fun to watch.”

            Jordan’s lips curved. There was something special about Graham. She felt it but couldn’t begin to comprehend it. The more she was around him, the more she wanted to discover just what it was, despite the need to stay focused on her job.

            “Thank you for coming over, but I didn’t need to be rescued.”

            “I know you didn’t.”


Adult Excerpt

Her tongue slid into his mouth. The taste of the bittersweet lemonade from her meal still lingered on her lips. With her arms and legs wrapped around him, he moved a few steps forward and pressed her up against the wall. She moved a little and sank down on him.

Graham groaned out his pleasure. “Damn, you feel so fucking good.”

 He rocked into her and prized the feeling of her naked body relying on his strength to hold her. He knew she was a strong woman, but having her like this—giving him her whole body—made him want to pleasure her forever.

He dipped his head down, sucked on her breasts and was rewarded with her moan. She moved her hands through his hair, keeping his head down to show him where she wanted his attention at the moment. He felt her muscles start to twitch.

“Oh God, Graham.”

He met her lips, and their tongues played wildly. He thrust harder, banging their bodies against the wall. Her pussy squeezed him as she soared through her orgasm pulling him right along as they panted each other’s name.

Sweaty and thoroughly pleased, he took a step away from the wall, slid out of Jordan and set her down on her feet. Her arms lingered around him as they caught their breath. She placed a sweet kiss on his lips.

“How long do you think the fireworks will last?”

Her sincere tone held so much hope. She truly was an open, honest woman.

“I hope forever,” he answered truthfully and kissed her forehead.




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AN ARTIST’S KISS by Suzy Shearer @SuzyShearer @sirenbookstrand


An Artist’s Kiss

by Suzy Shearer


**Pre-order now and save!**

Available for download on September 22nd.


When artist Gabriel Milford, 47 wanted a plus-sized mature model he never expected to find the love of his life. Now he just needs to convince Isabella Coburn, 50 that they were meant to be together.

But Isabella has a terrible secret, a secret dark desire that she’s spent her life trying to ignore.



Isabella Coburn, 50 left the nude modelling world years ago but Gabriel Milford, 47, needs a rubinesque older woman to pose for him. He’s determined Issie will pose for him but she’s equally determined not to.

Determined to win her over Gabriel does it the wrong way – he attempts blackmail then by forces his attentions on her. It’s only when she tries to sneak into his property that she finally agrees.

Isabella has had a secret since she was 19. One that she’s only shared with one other person who treated her like she had the plague when she confessed it. Since then she considers herself perverted, sick, swearing off any involvement.

Now she’s running scared – she’s met the one man who makes her dark desires clamour to be free – desires that Gabriel would be only too willing to satisfy.

Can Gabriel convince her that she isn’t perverted? Will she finally accept who she is or will she continue to shun happiness the way she has for the past twenty years?

 [Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, HEA]

A Siren Erotic Romance





Grimacing, Gabriel looked at the brush in his very paint-stained hands then angrily turned back to glare ferociously at Ian.

“What do you mean, you haven’t been able to get a model? There’s got to be thousands of women out there who pose,” he growled.

“True, but you said you wanted an older woman and most women models that age are just not plus-sized.”

Furiously Gabriel snarled loudly, “Well, find one!”

“Calm down, Gabriel. I’ve contacted Erica Jones’ agency. We’ve used her agency before although I’ve never actually met her. She’s got plus-sized models on her books but I think they’re in their twenties and thirties. Still, she said she might have or might know someone.”

“I don’t want someone young, Ian,” Gabriel snapped, sick of telling Ian the same thing over and over. “I told you I want someone in their forties or even older. I don’t care if she’s in her late sixties or seventies. I want a woman with character, a woman who’s lived.”

“Okay, okay. I get the picture!”

Gabriel threw down the paintbrush and, stomping angrily across to his easel, he tried to look critically at the painting as he fumed on Ian’s unsuccessful search. Surely it shouldn’t be this hard to find one damn model! Ignoring Ian for the moment, he turned his attention back to the huge canvas in front of him.

A foreshortened figure of a gaunt naked man, lying on his back with his head toward the viewer, filled the painting. Even though the strokes were broad and heavy there was still a slight softness about the work that created a sympathetic feel. The haunted face appeared as if the man were in pain. Maybe from being stretched out or maybe he was ill or tortured. Whatever the reason, it drew the viewer immediately and they felt the same hurt, the same agony. It was an uncomfortable piece but it certainly demanded attention.

There wasn’t much work left to do on it and he really wanted to get started on the female nude. He took a deep breath, inhaling the aromas of paint, linseed oil, and turpentine.

Without turning, Gabriel said gruffly, “Just find someone, Ian.”

“I will. For goodness’ sake, Gabe, relax,” Ian snapped a retort.

Surprised at the exasperated tone in Ian’s voice, Gabriel turned back and really looked at the man who was both friend and agent. Gabriel saw with surprise that Ian looked very upset but was still trying to calm Gabriel down. Ruefully he realised at once Ian would be doing everything he could to satisfy Gabriel’s request.

They’d been friends for so long, ever since Gabriel started making his name in the art world. It was then he’d realised he’d need an agent and found Ian’s agency. Ian worked with the three “As”—artists, actors, and authors. Gabriel knew how hard Ian worked to satisfy his clients. Now Gabriel felt awful for yelling and complaining.

“I’m sorry. It’s just I get caught up and…”

Ian sighed loudly.

“I know, Gabriel. Believe it or not, I do understand. Let’s face it, I’ve seen you working for years so I know a little of what goes on inside that thick head of yours.” He smiled to take the sting out of his words. “Just when were you planning on starting the nude?”

Gabriel looked back at the vast painting.

“This…” He pointed to the canvas. “It’s really finished. I just want to touch up a few areas so maybe next week. The client wants this ready in three weeks so I’m ahead of time. Anyway, I want to get plenty of sketches down on the female nude so I can decide exactly on the pose and size. Until I have a model, I really don’t know the pose.”

He hoped Ian could understand the frustration he felt. His mind was filled with dozens of ideas but until he had an actual woman in front of him he wouldn’t be able to decide. The pose would really depend on the woman, how the play of light and shadows affected her body, even the woman’s personality would play into his ideas.

“I’m meeting Erica Saturday night, a party with a few million people, anyway hopefully she tells me she’s found someone.”

“Thanks, Ian.”

“If she doesn’t have a model then there’s a good chance she’ll know an agency that might be able to help. Don’t worry, Gabe, I’ll find her for you.”

“Sorry I got angry. I know you’re doing your best.”

Gabriel reached out a hand to Ian as a peace offering.

© Suzy Shearer 2016





She almost staggered up the stairs and led him along until turning into her bedroom. Making her stand still, he undid a few more buttons on her dress and then untied one hand so he could remove it and her bra. Once she was naked he looked around the room. There was another scarf hanging behind the door.

“Bend over.”

When she complied he moved her until she could rest her head and shoulders on the bed then he tied one hand to her ankle with the shawl then took the other scarf to do the same with the other side.

“Mmm, what a delightful view.”

Her wet shiny cunt beckoned him as he forced her legs apart. Before she could react he slapped her arse hard. Her quick intake of breath showed him it was exciting to her. With another slap to the other cheek she wriggled into it. Gabriel felt he could hit harder with the next couple and was rewarded with her moans of pleasure.

A ragged “more” was all she could manage.

Once her arse was nicely pinked from a dozen or so slaps he bent forward and bit.

“Argh… yes!” she shouted out with pleasure.

Using his fingers he reached under and pinched her breasts while biting down on her cheeks. She moaned, moving against his mouth, wanting more. Gabriel was over the moon. To meet this beautiful woman who liked things dark and hard like he did. He hoped she would let him show her more.

“What’s the word to make me stop, Issie?” he whispered in her ear.

“Red,” she gasped.

Smacking her bottom a few more times, he knelt then worked his fingers up and down her slit, spreading her hot juices between her clit and her rosy arsehole. With one hand he pinched her clit while the other began rubbing her rosette. He pushed a couple of fingers into her cunt while his thumb kept teasing at the hard nub of her clit.

When he felt her press against his hand he pushed his thumb into her arsehole. She gave a little groan of pain but he didn’t stop as he pushed it deep. Continuing to fuck her with his fingers, he kept moving his thumb in and out. With his face against her arse cheek, he bit down when he felt her muscles begin to contract.

Fucking her arse, her cunt and biting was all she needed. She screamed loud and he felt her orgasm pulsate through his fingers. It got him hard again so he withdrew his hands and pulled off his shoes, socks, and pants. Rummaging in his pocket, he got another condom then tore off his shirt. After rolling the condom on he gave her arse another hard smack then put his palm down on her back.

Roughly he pushed his cock into her cunt. Pumping in and out, he put one hand around her body so he could pull and press against her clit.

“Push against me, Issie, push hard.”

His cock felt so snug inside her. It felt like his dick was wrapped in a tight velvet glove as he felt her move back against him as he thrust in. He slammed forward, his balls slapping against her skin. Soon they were dancing together as he fucked that sexy cunt of hers.

“When you come I’m going to bite very hard,” he warned.

She grunted. He tweaked her clit and thrust in roughly and could feel her begin to tighten her muscles as her climax grew near. As soon as he felt it start he bit down hard on one rosy cheek at the same time he pressed her clit between his fingers.

Her screams echoed around the room. They echoed in Gabriel’s head. How could he explain what it did to him? The sight of her writhing in pleasure, her screams, they excited him. They took his own pleasure into the stratosphere. The knowledge that it was the things he had done to her that had her this way. More than just a huge ego-boost, it was almost overpowering.

 As he continued pumping in and out Gabriel felt himself ready to burst so he thrust in as deep and hard as he could, holding her against his cock until he came. Her tight channel milked him dry as the last reverberation of her orgasm began to fade.

Spent, he pulled out and quickly untied her, lifting her so she was lying on the bed. There was a bathroom attached to the bedroom so he used it and found a cloth to clean Isabella with.

She lay curled up on the bed and let him wash her. When he returned from the bathroom the second time he gathered her in his arms and settled them in the bed, pulling the warm quilt over them both.

“Beautiful Issie,” he murmured. “You’re so wonderful.”

© Suzy Shearer 2016




An Artist’s Kiss is book 4 in the Dark Desires series.

 This series is about the secret cravings we have, the things that go on behind closed doors. Those dark desires we harbour and crave but sometimes afraid to ask for.

 Each book in the series is a stand-alone so the books can be read in any order.


The Club series

The Club: Bound

The Club 2: Uncollared  

The Club 3: Waxed

The Club 4: Displayed

The Club 5: Submit

The Club 6: Unmasked


The Hunters series

A Hunter’s Heart – Book 1

A Hunter’s Choice – Book 2

A Hunter’s Challenge – Book 3


Dark Desires series

(each book is a standalone)

Whipped Delights           

Craving Her Master        

Melting Her Dom’s Heart

An Artist’s Kiss


Single Titles

Daemons Are Forever

Build a Love

Perfect Three       



Vol 1 – The Club (Bound and Uncollared)

A Hunter’s Heart

A Hunter’s Choice

A Hunter’s Challenge

Perfect Three

Daemons Are Forever

Build A Love

Whipped Delights Craving Her Master


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Best-selling and Award winning author Suzy Shearer writes contemporary and paranormal erotic romances filled with mature and interesting characters. Her books have consistently reached her publisher’s Best Seller list with several reaching # 1.  Her book Build A Love was runner-up in the Ménage category in the Easy Chair Bookshop’s Fiction competition 2015 and A Hunter’s Heart was runner-up in the Series Category.

Single, Suzy lives in the Western Suburbs of Sydney Australia with one very spoilt dog and two equallysuzy spoilt cats keeping her company.

She is a Buddhist, an Author, an Artist, a computer nerd and a voracious reader. Suzy has a penchant for crazy coloured hair – pinks, purples blues even rainbowed…. it changes every month – oh yes, also a penchant for tattoos!

Her books always feature older heroes and heroines; ranging from mid-40s to 60s. The heroines are usually confident plus-sized women who are proud of their curves. Suzy feels it’s important for readers to connect. 

When she discovered many romance books seemed to cater for younger readers with their heroines and heroes in the 20s she decided to write about characters who were older but maybe not always wiser.  As she is in her 60s Suzy feels she can relate to her characters desires, fears and hopes and hopes her readers can as well.

Suzy also wants her readers to understand just because people are older doesn’t mean they aren’t intriguing, desirable, open to challenges and willing to experiment. Sexy isn’t just for the under 30s.

When Suzy is not writing, she is usually painting – an accomplished watercolour Artist her subjects range from portraits and animals to nudes and landscapes. Check out her artwork at:





REMEMBERING MELAINA, Grey River 8 by Maia Dylan @Maiadylanauthor @sirenbookstrand

beautiful sexy girl holding gun . smoke background

Thank you, for hosting me for, Remembering Melaina – Grey River 8. This book released in June with Siren Publishing. If your readers would like to they can post questions to me on Twitter using the following hashtag #GreyRiver and tag me using @Maiadylanauthor and I will answer them as I see them.


Sometimes the only way to keep fighting and survive today, is to embrace the pain of yesterday and remember who you are.

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Book Blurb:

Melaina Christakos was beginning to understand just how true that was. She had always known her father was insane, hard not to when the man insisted on experimenting on her and the women she considered family. But the depth of his madness becomes more apparent when she awakes in a hospital with no real memory of who she is and a light within that tells her not all is as it seems.

Kyle and Grant Snow are being kept from their mate, and both of them have retribution in mind. Melaina is in danger, and they need to get to her and will kill anyone who stands in their way.

Once they find her, can Kyle and Grant prove that their future together was more than worth the pain of remembering her past?
**erotic romance, ménage a trois, paranormal, shape-shifter, anal sex, double penetration


The story…


Kyle stood up and walked toward the cold beers they had left on the table. “As I said before we even started on this journey, no more running like a pussy and no letting our father take this from us. We need to make our peace with our past, and move on to our future.” Kyle popped the top of two cold beers and handed on to his brother.
Grant reached out and grabbed the bottle and met Kyle’s gaze over the bottle as they both still held it in their hand. “I swear to you, Kyle, I am in this a hundred percent on this one. I know you still doubt me, but wait until you are in the same room as her. I believe that we will experience the Quickening once we are close enough to her, and then you will know for sure.”
Rhys and Jase Wilson had announced just recently they had found their mate, Parris, but had not been struck with the Quickening in that first moment of meeting. Both of them had to practically bury their nose in the woman’s neck before they experienced it. Parris, Melaina, and another woman called Pepper had been given these drugs to enhance certain psychic talents, but it had a very strange side effect. It masked a person’s scent. The person who had fed the three women that cocktail was Aristos Christakos, and what was even more fucked up about this whole situation was that the prick was Melaina’s father. And that was the first of what Kyle hoped would be many things they had in common. Both their fathers would never have won any father of the year awards.
A knock at the door to their motel room had them both tensing. Kyle spun around toward the entry and placed his barely touched beer on the dining table against the wall. He shared a quick look with his brother and knew that neither of them had heard anyone approaching. This was unusual given their enhanced hearing and left him unnerved. He lifted his head slightly and scented the air. There was nothing on the air to tell him who stood behind the door and his heart began to beat a little faster.
“Take the left,” Kyle sent to his brother down their familial link before he stood to the right of the front door, carefully lifting the curtain on the window beside it to see who stood at the door. He was surprised to see that the light just in front of their door had been extinguished. The figure stood in the darkened doorway wearing a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up and their shoulders hunched. Although it was difficult to make out who it was, the figure was slight.
“Is it her?” Grant’s anxiety was evident in his voice.
Kyle didn’t take the time to answer because he had a very strong feeling that it was, and he didn’t want her out in the open any longer than necessary. He opened the door as quickly and quietly as he could, with the intention of waving the person into the room with little or no hesitation. He needn’t have worried, for as soon as the door was open the figure slipped in the slight gap and moved to the far wall, placing them out of view of anyone who happened to have been watching the door.
Kyle closed the door and then moved to stand in front of it with his arms crossed over his chest. If this wasn’t the elusive Melaina Christakos, then he and Grant were destined to have separate mates. Although this person’s scent was subtle, as they moved past her he caught a slight hint of spice that had his blood running hot and his dick filling fast.
Not taking his eyes off the newcomer, he spoke to Grant down their link. “Did you catch that scent?”
“Yeah, I did. It’s the second time I’ve caught a slight trace of it, and I have to tell you, my physical reaction is exactly the same.”
“Didn’t your mother ever teach you that it’s rude to talk about someone when they’re standing in the room with you?” Her voice was liquid sex as far as Kyle was concerned, filled with a sensual heat that had him wanting to close his eyes and groan. He fought the urge though as she lifted her hands to push back the hood of her sweatshirt, as more and more of her was revealed he knew he wouldn’t have missed this moment for the world. She had long, thick black hair. There was a slight curl to it, and made a man want to sink his hands right in, and pull her closer. She had startling blue eyes that reminded Kyle of her sister Xanthe’s, and to top it all off, she had full lips that simply begged to be kissed.



“The hottest damn thing in the world,” Kyle murmured as he reached around her to slide her sweatshirt from her shoulders, “is knowing that a woman plugs herself for her men. Do you fuck yourself with the plug, honey? Do you drag it in and out of your hot, tight ass and think about what it will feel like when it’s my cock? Or Grant’s?”
Melaina’s heart pounded so hard, she wondered if it was at all possible for it to actually burst from her chest. “Yes, yes I did.” Both men growled at her admission and a spark of feminine power the likes of which she had never experienced before ignited through her system. “I-I’ve been thinking a lot about the two of you, watching you both from afar.”
Kyle hummed close to her ear and she trembled as his chest rumbled against her back. “Although I am not too crazy about the fact that you were out there, just looking at us, and not coming over and letting us take care of you, I have to admit, knowing you’ve been watching so closely, certainly turns me the fuck on.” Kyle rolled his hips against her ass and Melaina felt the hard edge of his cock rub against her.
Grant stepped back slightly and removed the black tank top she wore beneath her sweatshirt. Once the shirt was off, Kyle gently pulled her hair back off her back. Then he reached for the tie she had used to secure it in a ponytail and released her hair. She closed her eyes as he used his fingers to comb through it, loving how gentle he was.
Kyle sighed a happy and contented sound that had Melaina smiling. “This hair is so damn beautiful, black with just a hint of midnight blue. It catches the light and moves like it’s actually fluid.”
Grant reached for the front snap of her bra and released it before sliding the straps off her shoulders. “Well, shit, would you look at that? The most perfect woman in the world for us and of course she would have the most perfect pair of breasts I have ever seen.” He gently gripped her by the shoulders and turned her toward Kyle, and Melaina was quickly learning that she loved being the center of attention for them both. It made her entire body heat in the most delicious way. “Wouldn’t you agree, brother?”
Kyle bit his bottom lip and growled low before lifting his gaze to hers. His eyes shimmered with heat, and his salacious grin was contagious and she couldn’t help but grin back. “Most definitely. But I want to see the whole delicious package.” He reached out, his gaze never leaving hers, gripped the waistband of her jeans at both her hips, and gently pulled them down, sliding them down her legs until he knelt before her, all the while holding her gaze with his.
Grant let out a low whistle. “Hot. So fucking hot.” He pressed a finger against the base of the plug she wore and all remnants of the doubts she’d had about the damn thing evaporated beneath the sparks of pleasure that ignited within her. She stepped out of her jeans and shoes, then stood breathlessly waiting for what came next.
Kyle’s gaze dropped and he moaned. “Fuck me. You don’t wear panties? Christ, I may never let you leave a room without fucking you on the closest flat surface again. And, baby, I love that you keep your pussy bare. It means that you were completely open to us.”
Grant reached around to cup her bare breasts and Melaina moaned as he rubbed her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. A jolt of lightning zinged into her pussy at the move and her hips shot forward of their own accord.
“Kyle’s gonna make you feel really good, Mel, and I’m going to hold you hard against my chest. I want to feel every shudder, every shiver of pleasure you feel when you come for us. You had better not bite back any of those sexy sounds you make. I want to hear every last gasp.”
Grant leaned in and bit gently into the soft flesh of her shoulder and Melaina inhaled sharply, only to cry out as Kyle opened his mouth against her pussy. She shuddered when Kyle used his tongue against her engorged clit and her orgasm began to build within her, larger than she had ever experienced at her own hand, and she sure as hell had never come with a man before.
With a few short strokes of his tongue, Kyle had her approaching her orgasm at a million miles an hour. Desperately she tried to halt it, not wanting the feeling and the attention to end, but then, almost as if it were planned, Grant pinched and tugged her nipples, adding a slight bit to her pleasure as Kyle gently bit down on her clit. And that was it.
Screaming her joy to the world, she tumbled into pleasure, clinging to the two men who had driven her to such dizzying heights and who had no idea this was all a part of her plan.



Five questions for the author

Q: Every book is special to an author. What is it about this book that makes it special for you?
A: I have been waiting for Melaina’s story for a long time now, ever since she wandered into Xanthe’s story and caught the eye of Deputy Sheriff Grant Snow. Now I had the chance to finish the story and that means Kyle and Grant can stop pestering me for their happily ever after!

Q: Sometimes things happen when you are writing a series that wasn’t expected at all. Have you had this happen to you?
A: Heaps! I am not a planner. I am a write-by-the-set-of-your-panties kinda girl. There have been moments where I will finish up a scene and be like WTF? I did not see that coming! Over the next few books, there are answers that start to help explain a few things for my characters, and I didn’t know that the connections ran so deeply.

Q. Is that why you always include a danger element to your books?
A. I write what I love to read. I love books that take you on a journey, but where the characters face a challenge that adds an element of urgency to them and to the book. As a reader, there is nothing I like more than getting that goose bump, hair rising on the back of my neck feeling as I join the characters within the book I am reading on the journey to solve their mystery. I want to give that to my readers.

Q. Do you have anything to say to your current readers or to those that haven’t yet read you work?
A. If you have read any of my books, thank you so very much! It blows my mind that someone has actually read something that I wrote, but gosh I hope you enjoyed it! Did you? Please let me know, I find I suffer from a slight case of needy-nelly with my writing. If you haven’t read my book, but you love erotic romance stories between strong men and an independent woman, where the path to their happily ever after can be a bumpy one, but there is always a happily ever after, and their love and laugher is real on every page, then you’ll find my books right up your alley!

Author bio:

Maia Dylan lives, loves and works in beautiful New Zealand. She married her best friend and they have two adorable, but stubborn children who obviously take after their father.
Maia’s career has featured a lot of travel, and she has filled her time at airports and in the air with books, books and more books. Her love of erotic paranormal romance has seen her amass a huge library. She has been an avid reader and lover of ménage romances since she read her first book in this genre about three years ago.
Maia submitted her first ever manuscript to Siren Publishing in 2015. She wasn’t at all confident that it would be accepted and in fact she was expecting a nicely worded email with a resounding no! Much to her surprise less than two weeks later she had an acceptance and a signed contract in hand. .
Outside of writing, Maia loves to eat, so she loves to cook! Her herb garden is legendary, but she still has issues getting tomatoes to grow. She’s been a performer for years, and has even sung on international stages, she would love to own a classic Ford Mustang one day and of course have the opportunity to race it on a race track without fear of a speeding ticket.
Although ultimately her dream is to be able to write full time on a sandy beach with a Mai Tai at hand, she is quite happy to fit her writing in when she can. As long as someone reads her books, gets a laugh and maybe come to love her characters and much as she does, then she feels that she is living her dreams no matter what!

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slow desire

WIP update Coalition Mates book 5 #sexyscifi #CoalitionMates

“Don’t worry Mari,” Luca finally released his hold on her but not before he pushed his hips harder against her leg so she could feel how affected he was, “when we eat you up, you will know that we are wide awake and know exactly what we’re doing.”

Book Five in my Coalition Mates series has been rumbling around in my head for months now, as well as book six, but I’ve been so busy with other projects this year! I am currently about halfway done, so I’m hoping to have it out this fall….but these dang dragons can be tricky!

Book five starts out on Sirus where we left Sally and Arkenon in book 4, Surrender. Sally is settling comfortably in her new role as Courtesan Guild Matron and has been trying to get the rest of her fellow Earth refugees set up with their new lives.

Marisol is a little older than most of the other women who were abducted. She’s a capable, mature woman who’s had enough of letting others hold her back from what she wants in life.

Now that Marisol has found herself on a whole new planet, the possibilities to have what she’s always dreamed of are right there in front of her. No exhausting relationships or pesky man-opause to deal with, she can finally build the family she’s always wanted.

Luca and Baelion are dragon shifters with a tortured past, no longer fit to return to their home on Dali. They’ve been working for the Coalition Council and trying not to dwell on the life the can no longer have.

But life in the stars seems to rarely end up the way they plan, and when Marisol finds herself in a horrific situation, the two men who rescue her just might ruin all her best laid plans…in the most delicious of ways.

Here’s a little excerpt for you:

“Sally,” Mari whispered furiously as she watched the Dolovian ambassador exit his ship and walk towards them, in all his flaming red glory, “Sally, I thought you said that they looked like us!”

            Sally responded with a tight smile, still looking perfect as the Guild representative to greet the new arrival.

            “I’m pretty sure I said mostly, that they mostly looked like us Mari,” she whispered back out of the side of her mouth, smile never wavering, “and they do… mostly, sheesh Mar, don’t be so racist.”

            “But he’s red,” she answered back, trying not to panic, “how am I supposed to blend in well on their planet, I’ll be fucking fluorescent!”

            It wasn’t that Mari had any issue with his race, but her entire plan was to get this done so she could raise a family on her own. She had to think about her children’s safety first, there had already been numerous attempts on the lives of the other human women by factions that were against mixing their alien DNA with other species. How safe would her family be on a planet where they stuck out like a sore thumb?

With that Sally did do a cursory look up and down over at Marisol, then she just shrugged.

            “Meh, we’ll get you a spray tan.” She said before walking towards the group in front of them, “Gentlemen, on behalf of the Courtesan Guild let me welcome you!”

            Mari followed Sally and her two guards forward, she wondered for a moment where Kali was as she usually didn’t leave Sally’s side, but there had been some mention yesterday of the Dolovian’s and the Tokka having a not so friendly history.

            “Guild Matron,” the oddly handsome red alien came forward and placed a kiss on Sally’s hand, “what an honor to have you greet us. Councilman Trikna is very eager for the inspection, he sends his regrets that he could not be here himself, but he is quite busy with Coalition business.”

            “Of course Delegate Bromm,” Sally answered as she stepped back and motioned Mari forward, “Let me introduce you to the reason that you are here, this is Marisol Lewis.”

            “Hello,” Mari smiled trying not to feel like a slab of meat as the delegate looked her over in a rather creepy manner.

            “She is quite striking even for her age…”

            What now? Did that smarmy bastard just call me old?

            Sally must have seen the storm brewing in Mari’s eyes as she stepped back up towards them both.

            “Marisol is a fine example of our human genetics Delegate,” Sally answered, the chill in her own voice conveying that she hadn’t cared for Bromm’s comment either, “while she may be more mature than a typical donor of this type, I assure you her life experience will only be an asset.”

            “Yes, of course,” he answered, reaching out to stroke along Mari’s arm, “our medical staff has assured me that they will be able to correct any cellular degradation her advanced age may cause.”

            Mari pulled away from his touch, she was used to people putting on airs and trying to act superior, hell the doctors at the hospital she’d worked at had done it all the time back on Earth. But as a surgical nurse, it was her job to speak up when she needed to, people’s lives counted on it, so her shy days had been over long ago. This little bastard? Well Mari had no problem bringing this male down a peg or two.

            “Delegate Bromm,” she began, looking him straight in the eyes, “if you have an issue with my advanced age, as you called it, then tell us here and now. I think we both know how many others would be more than willing to get their hands on my genetic material, so if Councilman Trikna isn’t interested, don’t waste my time.”

            She was well rewarded with the muscle tick at the males brow, Mari knew from her research on Dolovia that they were a male dominated species but that shit wasn’t going to fly with her. It was best that he learned it now if she had to live on the planet for years under their protection.

            “We accept the contract,” he finally answered stiffly, “you have five hours to prepare before the ship leaves. It will take us three days to reach your new home.”

            With that, he turned and retreated back to his ship.

            “Well,” Sally turned back to Mari with a grin, “that was a complete cluster-fuck. I bet you one hundred credits he’s filing a complaint against us with my husband as we speak. He was a bit of a dick, right?”

            “Yes, he was,” Mari answered hoping like hell the rest of the Dolovian population was nicer than that or the next decade or so for her was going to be rather unpleasant.

            “We’d better go get you packed up,” Sally said, linking her arm through Mari’s as they left the hangar, “I’ll come with you to tell Devyn the news…there’s going to be a lot of crying. And Mari, don’t worry about what they look like. You’ve forgotten that they’ll be used to having a variety of species living amongst them, you’re still thinking like you’re living on Earth.”

            “Yeah, of course you’re right,” she felt like an idiot for her momentary panic at the sight of him, “it was just a shock. I haven’t seen any of his species before in person. They’re quite a bit, well, brighter, than in the pictures.”

            “Well I bet he’s making a similar complaint, only that us Earth females are bitchier than they’d heard about,” Sally laughed out loud as they made their way back to her offices, “But seriously Mari, are you sure you want to do this?”

            Was she sure? Marisol had to remember her end game here, a three day trip to a new planet, a few doctors appointments and then she’d be free to finally begin a new life with a new family all her own. She didn’t care if she had to live on a planet filled with rhyming, orange oompa loompas, she was going to get the child she wanted no matter what.



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Surrender: Coalition Mates 4 is now available for pre-order, the release date is October 13th!

Surrender: Coalition Mates 4

Sally Owens was content to spend her life hiding in plain sight, that is…as long as no one got too close or tried to wrestle the reigns away from her.

When she goes out for a night on the town, getting kidnapped and shipped out into space was NOT what she had in mind. But above all else Sally is a survivor and she soon comes up with a plan to thrive in this new world.

Arkenon Quinn is informed that one of the human refugees wants to join the Courtesan Guild and of course he is curious. However, when he meets the audacious and beautiful Sally he finds himself signing up to mentor her against his better judgement. What he couldn’t have anticipated is how quickly this fascinating creature would steal his heart, forcing him to do something he’s never had to do before—chase a female.

Will Sally’s painful past keep her from finding a future with the man who’s like no other she’s ever met? Or will she have the strength to place her body and soul in Arkenon’s extremely capable hands?

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Coalition Mates Newsletter- 2


Hello again!

Its me…..Eve. I thought I’d send a quick update out to you all since we do have some news, my mates and I are in Adoan with Talia and her men and after a seriously disturbing ten hours of labour I am happy to announce that she delivered a robust 9lb 4oz of bouncing baby boy dragon! I’m not going to lie to you….it was a horrifying hot mess in there, but after all’s said and done he’s pretty darn cute. Even if he did burp a little fire at my face the first time I held him. I’m pretty sure my eyebrows will never be the same again. Which of course according to my husbands is my fault for sticking my googly eyes and baby-talking face too close to a newborn dragon shifters mouth… I knew? Who knows this stuff?? Well at any rate I’m sure they’ll come up with some excuse to “discipline” me later for it. I cant wait! 😉

Which brings me to our next topic that may be helpful to all of you trying to find your way out here in the universe. Ménage marriages.

Since this isn’t something that was a common option back on Earth, how could we ever have contemplated how to navigate such a relationship? Since Sarah, Talia and I have forged the path for you on this we’ve complied some tips for you if you find yourself the filling in a super hottie alien sandwich!

1. Never try to play your men against each other. This will most likely end up with them finding out and you having your ass paddled for trying to manipulate them…..on the other hand, if you dig a little discipline this is a sure fire way to get some. So enjoy!

2. If you have a large pet, say like a cat or something that happens to live on a spaceship with you, and said pet has a nasty habit of pulling out various trees out of the green space to drag into your bedroom to ‘play’, don’t try to blame the dirt trail on one of the random crew….because the freaking ship computer will just narc on you and show the vid recording of you trying to get rid of the evidence by stuffing a small tree into a to a maintenance panel to your mates.

3. Lastly, whether you have six mates or one, enjoy every second of your time out here with the ones that you love. Don’t let the biases of where we came from and the small mindedness of those with a limited imagination stop you from being yourself and being open to all the happiness that you deserve.

We all have our own baggage and inner battles to face, but it’s how you choose to let it affect those around you that shows your true character. Acceptance, kindness and love. Keep on putting it out there and I hopefully your ‘happy ending’ will find you in a place you had only imagined!




Well, thanks again for reading! I just finished ‘Eve’s Rescue: Coalition Mates 3’ this past weekend and sent it in so I hope you look forward to checking it out! Now to get to work on the next book in the series about Sally and Arkenon. Sally’s a stubborn serial dater and control freak who’s about to meet her match in the Courtesan Guild Master of Sirus. Good thing he’s spent his entire life learning how to see exactly what people need because Sally isn’t going to make it easy for him, but then again, that’s part of what draws him to her in the first place! But can she put her past to rest and learn to submit to a man who sets her body aflame and her heart out of control?



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