May your 2017 be filled with moments that take your breath away. @limitlessbooks @evernightpub


Finally, 2017 has arrived! I am wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous new year, filled with love and joy.


December 2016 marked my second year of writing, and it was a great one full of new things to learn and new colleagues and readers to meet. I became a part of the Evernight Publishing family as well as the Limitless Publishing family and the experience has been wonderful.

The plan for 2017 is to try and whittle down on the massive WIP listing I have going! It seems like there’s a new world and new characters crashing into my head uninvited every day now, so it’s been tough not to get distracted by them. But here is what I’m planning on getting done this year, and then what ever time I have left I guess I’ll just let those deviant characters in my head fight it out for dominance. 😉

-Shared for the First Time Anthology (this one is a paranormal boxset due out in the spring)

-Broken Soul’s Series book 2…. now Oliver has been waiting very patiently for his story to be told, and even his patience has a limit 😉 but when someone pushes him too far–well, lets just say you’ll find out what happens.

-Alien Captors Series book 2: This is the next book after Precious Cargo and it takes us back to Dolak to discover a rather feisty surprise for two unsuspecting males.

-Coalition Mates Series: Okay, so book 5 will be coming out at the end of this month for my CM series, but as for who’s up next, that may come down to which characters are co-operating when I sit down to write them. I would love to get the three that have been harassing me the most written this year, which would be Kalista’s book, Devyn’s book and the feisty new comer from book 5, Kali’s cousin Drogan.

Aside from those, there are a few other on-going projects that will of course be continuing on, such as my Beyond The Veil series with Maia Dylan and Elena Kincaid. We’ve got book 3 coming out in approx. Feb, and then still more to come.

Ahhh so much to write, and so little time!


In the meantime, if you’re looking for a quickie to take away the holiday cleanup humdrum, why not check out my little Romance on The Go with Evernight? Its a saucy New Year’s office ménage that is sure to get you motivated. 😉


Here’s a little taste…

Adult Excerpt:

Grey loved the way Laura’s eyes dilated even further at his whispered words, and when she licked her lips, he couldn’t resist any longer. He closed the distance between their mouths and kissed her finally. When her lips opened on a gasp, he pushed forward and took her mouth like he’d been imagining for all these years.

It was sensual, and deep, filled with all the longing he’d been holding back. She tasted just as good as he knew she would have, like strawberries and the wine she’d had with dinner. He pulled back when Barrett let out a groan, knowing that he had to share the bounty of her soft mouth, and when he did, she moaned and tried to follow his retreat. Grey liked that. His cock was already hard enough to hurt, and the little noises of surrender coming from those sweet lips of hers made him ache even more to slide inside of her.

When Barrett leaned forward and took Laura’s mouth in a desperate kiss, Grey moved his attention to the delectable body that he’d been imagining for what felt like eternity. Laura kept herself covered up, but in those sexy skirts, Grey imagining bending her over on just about every surface in the office. Truth be told, it was significantly cutting into his productivity. He thought about fucking her three quarters of the day, and knew that Barrett did the same. Ironically, without her here to keep things running smoothly, their business would have suffered.

He ran his shaking hands down her sides, his thumbs barely grazing the hard nipples he could see through her dress. The dress he had bought her. He really liked the thought that she was wearing what he had chosen for her. He wondered though, what she’d picked to wear underneath it, and as he found the side zipper and slowly lowered it, his pulse was racing at the thought of all that creamy white skin that was now theirs for the taking. When he reached up and undid the clasp of the halter top around her neck, the dress slowly cascaded down her curvy body, revealing bright, red lace that made both men groan in appreciation.

“You’ve been hiding this sexy body from us for too long, baby,” Barrett said with a growl. “I want to touch it all. Grey, let’s see what’s ours.”

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