Cariad Favourite Books From 2016

So honored to be included in this list! A BIG thanks to Heidi over at Cariad Books Blog!

Cariad Books

Cariad Books Favourite 16 Books Of 2016

Hi, everyone here are our favourite books of 2016 which we at Cariad Books believe are the best of the best and deserve to be recognised.

Ashley Malkin



The Demon’s Bears is the story of how love changes everything…

Brody and his brother, Jayce, are the demon offspring of angelic parents. When their parents mysteriously disappear, they spend decades searching for them. But when the search becomes dangerous, Jayce leaves Brody in the care of a wolf pack. But the wolves are barbaric, and Brody’s life becomes a living hell filled with nothing but abuse and neglect.

Landon and Elliot Damarin are bear shifters who desert their sleuth when they refuse to be forced into a mating. They believe fate has a mate for them, and they’ll wait forever for him if necessary. When Pine Falls becomes their home, they find acceptance…

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