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“Don’t worry Mari,” Luca finally released his hold on her but not before he pushed his hips harder against her leg so she could feel how affected he was, “when we eat you up, you will know that we are wide awake and know exactly what we’re doing.”

Book Five in my Coalition Mates series has been rumbling around in my head for months now, as well as book six, but I’ve been so busy with other projects this year! I am currently about halfway done, so I’m hoping to have it out this fall….but these dang dragons can be tricky!

Book five starts out on Sirus where we left Sally and Arkenon in book 4, Surrender. Sally is settling comfortably in her new role as Courtesan Guild Matron and has been trying to get the rest of her fellow Earth refugees set up with their new lives.

Marisol is a little older than most of the other women who were abducted. She’s a capable, mature woman who’s had enough of letting others hold her back from what she wants in life.

Now that Marisol has found herself on a whole new planet, the possibilities to have what she’s always dreamed of are right there in front of her. No exhausting relationships or pesky man-opause to deal with, she can finally build the family she’s always wanted.

Luca and Baelion are dragon shifters with a tortured past, no longer fit to return to their home on Dali. They’ve been working for the Coalition Council and trying not to dwell on the life the can no longer have.

But life in the stars seems to rarely end up the way they plan, and when Marisol finds herself in a horrific situation, the two men who rescue her just might ruin all her best laid plans…in the most delicious of ways.

Here’s a little excerpt for you:

“Sally,” Mari whispered furiously as she watched the Dolovian ambassador exit his ship and walk towards them, in all his flaming red glory, “Sally, I thought you said that they looked like us!”

            Sally responded with a tight smile, still looking perfect as the Guild representative to greet the new arrival.

            “I’m pretty sure I said mostly, that they mostly looked like us Mari,” she whispered back out of the side of her mouth, smile never wavering, “and they do… mostly, sheesh Mar, don’t be so racist.”

            “But he’s red,” she answered back, trying not to panic, “how am I supposed to blend in well on their planet, I’ll be fucking fluorescent!”

            It wasn’t that Mari had any issue with his race, but her entire plan was to get this done so she could raise a family on her own. She had to think about her children’s safety first, there had already been numerous attempts on the lives of the other human women by factions that were against mixing their alien DNA with other species. How safe would her family be on a planet where they stuck out like a sore thumb?

With that Sally did do a cursory look up and down over at Marisol, then she just shrugged.

            “Meh, we’ll get you a spray tan.” She said before walking towards the group in front of them, “Gentlemen, on behalf of the Courtesan Guild let me welcome you!”

            Mari followed Sally and her two guards forward, she wondered for a moment where Kali was as she usually didn’t leave Sally’s side, but there had been some mention yesterday of the Dolovian’s and the Tokka having a not so friendly history.

            “Guild Matron,” the oddly handsome red alien came forward and placed a kiss on Sally’s hand, “what an honor to have you greet us. Councilman Trikna is very eager for the inspection, he sends his regrets that he could not be here himself, but he is quite busy with Coalition business.”

            “Of course Delegate Bromm,” Sally answered as she stepped back and motioned Mari forward, “Let me introduce you to the reason that you are here, this is Marisol Lewis.”

            “Hello,” Mari smiled trying not to feel like a slab of meat as the delegate looked her over in a rather creepy manner.

            “She is quite striking even for her age…”

            What now? Did that smarmy bastard just call me old?

            Sally must have seen the storm brewing in Mari’s eyes as she stepped back up towards them both.

            “Marisol is a fine example of our human genetics Delegate,” Sally answered, the chill in her own voice conveying that she hadn’t cared for Bromm’s comment either, “while she may be more mature than a typical donor of this type, I assure you her life experience will only be an asset.”

            “Yes, of course,” he answered, reaching out to stroke along Mari’s arm, “our medical staff has assured me that they will be able to correct any cellular degradation her advanced age may cause.”

            Mari pulled away from his touch, she was used to people putting on airs and trying to act superior, hell the doctors at the hospital she’d worked at had done it all the time back on Earth. But as a surgical nurse, it was her job to speak up when she needed to, people’s lives counted on it, so her shy days had been over long ago. This little bastard? Well Mari had no problem bringing this male down a peg or two.

            “Delegate Bromm,” she began, looking him straight in the eyes, “if you have an issue with my advanced age, as you called it, then tell us here and now. I think we both know how many others would be more than willing to get their hands on my genetic material, so if Councilman Trikna isn’t interested, don’t waste my time.”

            She was well rewarded with the muscle tick at the males brow, Mari knew from her research on Dolovia that they were a male dominated species but that shit wasn’t going to fly with her. It was best that he learned it now if she had to live on the planet for years under their protection.

            “We accept the contract,” he finally answered stiffly, “you have five hours to prepare before the ship leaves. It will take us three days to reach your new home.”

            With that, he turned and retreated back to his ship.

            “Well,” Sally turned back to Mari with a grin, “that was a complete cluster-fuck. I bet you one hundred credits he’s filing a complaint against us with my husband as we speak. He was a bit of a dick, right?”

            “Yes, he was,” Mari answered hoping like hell the rest of the Dolovian population was nicer than that or the next decade or so for her was going to be rather unpleasant.

            “We’d better go get you packed up,” Sally said, linking her arm through Mari’s as they left the hangar, “I’ll come with you to tell Devyn the news…there’s going to be a lot of crying. And Mari, don’t worry about what they look like. You’ve forgotten that they’ll be used to having a variety of species living amongst them, you’re still thinking like you’re living on Earth.”

            “Yeah, of course you’re right,” she felt like an idiot for her momentary panic at the sight of him, “it was just a shock. I haven’t seen any of his species before in person. They’re quite a bit, well, brighter, than in the pictures.”

            “Well I bet he’s making a similar complaint, only that us Earth females are bitchier than they’d heard about,” Sally laughed out loud as they made their way back to her offices, “But seriously Mari, are you sure you want to do this?”

            Was she sure? Marisol had to remember her end game here, a three day trip to a new planet, a few doctors appointments and then she’d be free to finally begin a new life with a new family all her own. She didn’t care if she had to live on a planet filled with rhyming, orange oompa loompas, she was going to get the child she wanted no matter what.



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