Eve’s Rescue- Coalition Mates 3 Teaser




Here’s a teaser for Eve’s Rescue, due to be released in June!

***Adult content warning! Contains sexual situations and language that may offend some people, so please……eye-muffs if you’re on the delicate side! ****

Eve’s Rescue: Coalition Mates 3

Eve was officially drunk and getting sleepy, when Kai’s soft caresses on her feet began to turn into a slow massage working its way up her calves, and Kham’s hands began soft caresses along her shoulders, his hot breath tickling her ear. She barely even noticed that Kai had started to move closer, lifting her legs so her thighs were now over his lap, and Roan moved to take over massaging her feet with his massive hands. She was suddenly very aware of the fact that all three men were fully aroused and what a strange sensation it was to feel three hard cocks pressing insistently against her at various spots. With the wine making her feel relaxed and their hands making her feel other things, she decided to enjoy herself for just a few minutes before telling them to keep their grabby hands to themselves. Like…at least ten more minutes.

“So, tell us, love, what exactly are the parameters of your no-sex clause now that we are getting to know one another better?” Kham whispered softly into her ear before gently licking along her neck, causing a shiver to race down her spine into some very interesting places.

By this time Kai had the skirt of her dress pushed up to her thighs, and he was stroking hypnotically up and down, his thumbs getting closer to the heart of her with every pass. It was difficult to keep her traitorous body from opening her legs wider, giving him more access to where she craved his fingers would trail. Kham’s hands began to dip lower on her collarbone, his long golden fingers gently massaging the tops of her breasts bringing her nipples to tight attention.

“Well,” she managed to get out in a breathy voice, “obviously we are married, so a certain level of affection and touching would be appropriate…”

Her breath was cut off, and her words ended on a less than dignified squeal when Roan pressed the bottom of her foot fully against his hard cock beneath his pants. All three men were breathing just as heavily as she was, and she could tell they were maintaining an effort to be still beneath her. Eve had to admit to herself, that after a three-year dry spell her slightly slutty side was currently in a serious bitch-slap fight with her self-righteous feminist side on how this night was going to go down. But with three pairs of hands on her, not to mention other random body parts, the decision was rapidly leaning one way.

“What about this type of affection?” Kai said in a low voice as one of his hands slid up her torso and gently cupped her breast, lightly running his thumb back and forth over the hard nipple.

“Oh,” she breathed out as she pushed up into his hand. “Yes, that’s nice.”

Eve had begun to sweat now, Kham’s chest at her back felt like he was on fire. His lips were feathering along her neck while one of his hands came up over the other side of her to caress her other breast through the soft material of the dress. Her pussy had soaked through the small panties that she’d been given to wear with the ensemble, and she felt Roan’s hands move up along her hips to play with the strings on either side. His thumbs slowly gliding up and down on the top of her mound, never quite going low enough, but the light touch seemed to electrify the nerve endings. Her anticipation was making her pant as she wished he’d simply make his way to her clit. At this point she was so turned on that one firm pass over it, and she’d be screaming his name as she came.

“May we take off your dress, love?” Roan asked, never stopping the caress of his hands.

“But…rules…” She could barely put the two words together with all three sets of their hands slowly torturing her. Then all of a sudden their hands all stopped moving.

“What, nooo don’t stop!” she whimpered, moving her body against them trying to get them to continue.

“We won’t move until you tell us the rules, baby. Don’t you want us to touch you?” Kai asked in a whisper before he leaned up and slowly ran his tongue along her bottom lip.

“Oh my God, okay, fine,” she said in a rush. “Making out and heavy petting is okay, just no penetration.”

“Deal.” All three of the men accepted eagerly with determined nods.

It sounded weak even to her own ears, and her feminist alter ego was groaning in self-disappointment, but what the hell ever! Eve took a moment to look at the three men who were currently peeling her dress carefully from her shoulders like they were unwrapping a present. Kham had returned his lips to her neck while his golden hands lightly traced over her skin as Kai and Roan uncovered it setting her nerves on fire once again. Three sets of hands moved over her once she was bare, their touch just barely skimming over her making her crazy with the need for more. Over her breasts and down her sides, from the tops of her feet up the insides of her legs until they brushed back down the other side, down her arms to trail over her palms and fingers. Eve had never had such an overwhelming amount of stimulation over her skin before. How could such a gentle touch be so seductive?


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