Coalition Mates Terran Newsletter -First Edition


I’m sure all of you are wondering who I am, well my name is Evangeline Scott and I’m from Earth like you. I was nominated by the first two women of our kind to join the Coalition, Sarah and Talia to create this newsletter to make sure that all of you know that you’re not alone out there in the universe. I know most of you are still going through the process of figuring out what has happened and what the future will have in store, but its important to remember that we are all part of your family now. You have sisters and a bunch of really huge and scary brother-in-laws that have your back no matter what so don’t be a stranger if there’s anything we can do to help!

Now having said that, if you haven’t yet realised it, you’ve just become one of the most eligible and desirable species in the entire Coalition. So I thought I’d give you gals a few tips on dating males of the alien persuasion that I wished I would have had when I first met my husbands….

1. If at any point during the conversation the male gets a really confused look on their face after you speak and you’re certain that you’re translation chip hasn’t malfunctioned or anything, its most likely due to the fact that he has no idea what all your mad awesome Earth slang means. So either move on to someone a little brighter….or if he’s super hot, maybe just dumb it down. I mean, you can’t always have it all right?

2. If something they do or say comes across as super offensive try not to lose your temper right away, it may just be a simple culture miscommunication. Double check with your appointed liaison (that’s what they’re there for!) and if the male in question was indeed offside then you may proceed to go for a kick to the junk. I find that usually makes a lasting impression and generally improves manners or makes them just go away….unless my husbands ask, then I didn’t tell you that.

3. Dating is hard. I mean, its tough at the best of times; but if you’ve been hurt in the past it’s even harder to open up and trust someone enough to start a new relationship. I totally get that. But even I have to admit, the games that we were used to playing when it came to dating on Earth don’t really apply out here, when these guys are into you, they usually just either tell you or grab you (or in my case marry you while you are in cold sleep, but that’s an entirely different story). There doesn’t seem to be a lot of passive aggressiveness going on that I’ve encountered so far, so try to open up and give them the benefit of the doubt……unless you get a really bad feeling in your gut about them. Then just point at something shiny behind them and run like hell to the nearest exit.

Better to be safe than serial killed I always say….

Well, that’s all for now! I hope to be updating you all soon, Talia should be popping out a baby dragon any time now. Not sure what kind of hot mess to expect from that situation but I’m certainly not going to miss it!  Hey, at least we can’t complain about it being boring out here!

Love, Eve.


I hope you all liked the first edition of the Coalition Mates Terran Newsletter. Eve’s story is the next to be coming out in the Coalition Mates series, hopefully in the next couple of months. I will be updating the newsletter randomly when ever one of the characters from the previous novels has something of note to share with the group! Thanks for checking out the blog!


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