Raven’s Awakening Blurb

Raven’s Awakening Blurb

Not everyone in this world deserves to be loved. Not everyone will find that other half of their soul. The fates are not so kind.

Some are cursed to simply walk alone, to measure the years as a punishment for deeds done in a life long forgotten.

They say karma’s a bitch….but from Raven’s point of view, not only was karma a bitch, but that bitch was seriously looking to get her eyes gouged out!

For as long as she could remember, she had always felt different.  She had been adopted as an infant, and although her parents were very kind and loving people, she had always felt like a stranger in her own family.  Not only in her family, but school, with the neighbourhood children, everywhere – she simply did not belong.

So at a very early age she resolved herself to give up trying to fit in and just hid the loneliness and the longing she felt, to put on a fake smile and act as happy and content with life as everyone else around her seemed to be.

In her teenage years, she learned to befriend those whom were also outside of the normal crowd. In her late teens and early twenties she learned that a little bravado and barbarous tongue distracted most people from noticing the truth.

What was the truth? If she was going to be perfectly honest with herself, she would say she was born with a broken heart; doomed before she even came into this world.

If she only knew how close to the truth she truly was.


I’m finally buckling down and getting into Raven’s story as she’s been running around in my mind distracting me for the last two books. I hope you enjoy this small look into Raven’s Awakening!



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