The Gift

Love is without reason.

But what need have I for reason when I find myself in your arms?

I want to lose myself to the softness of your caress and drown in the warmth of your scent.

Love is without boundaries.

But what need have I for boundaries when I feel the touch of your fingertips on my skin?

When my hand is in yours I feel as though I’ve finally found my home.

Love is without control.

But what need have I for control when the very sound of your voice leaves me breathless in anticipation?

Every tiny thought leads my mind to you throughout the day, making me count the seconds until I’m within your embrace.

Love is without end.

But what need have I for tomorrow when my heart refuses to look past the beauty of your face in front of me.

The future’s hurt has no room in today’s reality; the memory of love will always endure.


Love is a gift.

Be thankful when you have it within your grasp, and reach for it when it stands before you.


-Sarah Marsh

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