Mad Love

Mad Love

I have no use for a love filled with sweet words and chivalrous gestures.

Love should be madness. It should be breathtaking. It should be glorious.

It should be messy. It should be desperate.

Love is too complicated a thing to ever be easy or simple.

If you aren’t willing to fight for it, or give up everything you have just to keep it,

Then you aren’t worthy of it.

It should be incorruptible. It should be endless.

It should be the voice in your head telling you to do better,

And the song in your soul bringing you peace.

-Sarah Marsh


The Gift

Love is without reason.

But what need have I for reason when I find myself in your arms?

I want to lose myself to the softness of your caress and drown in the warmth of your scent.

Love is without boundaries.

But what need have I for boundaries when I feel the touch of your fingertips on my skin?

When my hand is in yours I feel as though I’ve finally found my home.

Love is without control.

But what need have I for control when the very sound of your voice leaves me breathless in anticipation?

Every tiny thought leads my mind to you throughout the day, making me count the seconds until I’m within your embrace.

Love is without end.

But what need have I for tomorrow when my heart refuses to look past the beauty of your face in front of me.

The future’s hurt has no room in today’s reality; the memory of love will always endure.


Love is a gift.

Be thankful when you have it within your grasp, and reach for it when it stands before you.


-Sarah Marsh


Every breath has me remembering the taste of your mouth.

Every touch is feeling the echo of your skin brushing against mine.


Every smile has me seeing the curve of your lips.

Every thought has me wondering what you would think.


Every laugh makes me want to share it with you.

Every night is filled with the longing to hold you.


Everything I am is missing everything in you.


Just a little poetry for you this Tuesday morning, thanks for reading!


Sweet Release

Sweet Release

I could appreciate the sweetness of his words, and the thoughtfulness of his actions.

But it was his darker attributes that captivated me the most.

They set fire to my imagination and ignited my body in a way nothing else ever had.

His dominance stripped me of every shred of my self-control; remaking me into someone I hadn’t even known had been waiting inside.

Releasing the thoughts and needs that had been buried so deep.

Leaving nothing but a ravenous desire to drop to my knees and submit in every way he would ask of me.


I write poetry when new characters are starting to percolate in my mind, I hope you enjoy this one!


Love at first sight: Romance fact or fairy tale?

I recently had a reader review of one of my books and one comment they made stuck with me. They said that they didn’t like the ‘instant love’ as they called it between the main characters. Now, bear in mind that this particular book was in the science fiction/ romance genre, which is filled with all sorts of fantastical ideas. Vampires, shape-shifters, aliens….zombie apocalypse. So out of all of these ideas, the fact that ‘love at first sight’ was the most unbelievable made me rather, well to be honest…sad.

Have we really become so jaded in this modern age that the simple romance of falling in love at first sight has become an archaic notion or urban myth?

In a society where the norm is now filling out 40 pages of an online questionnaire of micro-matching, then hoping beyond hope that the person popping up on the other side has been truthful in said questionnaires, just for the possibility that it will lead you to your perfect mate; it’s little wonder that some have an issue with embracing the simple idea of following ones heart.

Why do I write science fiction romance? It’s a lot of fun first of all. Secondly, perhaps its because my own love life has always been a little…well, complicated. My bad luck in love has been rather constant, leading me to the only logical conclusion; obviously I must have been a very, very naughty person in a previous life to end up with such bad romantic karma.

What’s one of my personal fantasies?

A simple, real love. Free of the constraints, mating rituals and dating games of today’s society.

Am I still holding out hope somewhere in the deepest reaches of my heart and imagination that my knight in shining alien armor or some version of him will come to my rescue and take me away from all this drudgery?

Maybe….I guess I’m just an old fashioned girl at heart.

Here’s to hoping that your imagination always takes you to the dreams you’ve yet to reach.


The Choice

The Choice

Love is without reason.

Fear is without faith.

A rational person fears the fall,

fears the possibility of the heartbreak.

But a fearless person leaps into love,

without regard for the repercussions.

Who is the fool?

Those who leap or those who fall?

The Dichotomy Within

The Dichotomy Within

We all have a dichotomy within.

How can two parts of a whole be so opposing?


So casually the heart brushes aside hard won resolutions made by the head.

Betrayal to its host without conscience.

For the heart has no concept of tomorrow or yesterday; it feels only now.

It’s the head that must bear the burden of remembered hurts and guarded futures.

But who is the betrayer, the heart or the head?

Is it caution or disregard which leads to the fall?

Perhaps you know if you’ve met the other half of your soul when the two parts finally align.


True love doesn’t love in spite of the rest of the world,

It loves oblivious of the rest of the world.


For M.

May you find the path you are looking for.