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Are you looking for a little hot somethin’ somethin’ to spice up your day? I’ve got two titles that are a Romance Review Top Pick with 5 stars. Chasing Faete is an action packed paranormal romance and Surrender is book number 4 in my science fiction romance series, Coalition Mates.



Chasing Faete

by Elena Kincaid, Maia Dylan and Sarah Marsh


You know what they say … you can’t run away from your fate. But what if your fate tries to run away from you? If you’re a wolf … you chase fate instead.

th31QSW7Z6Book Reviewed by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer) [ Review Posted: Jul 24, 2016 ]

CHASING FAETE is Book 1 in the Beyond the Veil series by Elena Kincaid, Maia Dylan and Sarah Marsh, and it begins spectacularly well. From the inner thoughts of Erica, the fae running from the Fae King, to wolf shifter brothers, Leo and Ben, her mates, who stumble upon her scent during a routine patrol, this was a great read from start to finish. I will admit that seeing three authors on this story made me pause. In my reading experience, I’ve found that when there’s more than one author, it’s often easy to discern the different writers within the story, which I find a distraction. But in this case, if all three actively contributed content, the blending is relatively seamless and I loved much of the imagery. There are so many good aspects to this story, from Erica’s healer skills as fae (and royalty) to the brothers’ need to protect someone who clearly doesn’t need much protecting, the interactions between all the characters significantly upped my entertainment level as I was led on an emotional ride that kept me turning those pages. Unfortunately, war is brewing and with all good stories, evil must perish so that our heroes/heroine may have their happily ever after. But do they? What lines are willingly crossed in order to save so many? When the story ends, there are secrets still hidden. AND…since this IS an erotic romance, I will add that the sensual scenes between Erica, Leo and Ben are fantastic and I will admit to reading this story twice before writing this review. This has all the ingredients for a great story: fae, shifters, chemistry, well-drawn up characters, drama, grief, war, and scintillating scenes. I am looking forward to reading other stories in this series as they come out. *Note: This story does contain mild BDSM elements, MFM interactions, warm loving embraces, hot sex scenes, and magick. – See more at:


Erica’s demons had finally caught up with her.  After being on the run from her parents’ murderer for years, somehow her luck at evading capture had run out.  The False King’s right hand man had her trapped …or so he thought! Poised to fight him alone, she is shocked when two wolf shifters come to her rescue in a dark ally. She doesn’t quite know what to make of them … but that could just be the blood loss talking.

Leo and Ben couldn’t have been more surprised to stumble onto the scent of their mate as they were on a routine patrol. They follow their noses and barely find her in time, wounded and battling with a group of armed Fae. Little do they know, that life is about to get a whole lot more complicated when it comes to mating their little pixie.

Erica can’t deny the bond she feels with both Ben and Leo. Will the need to avenge her parents’ death and the good of the entire Fae realm cost her the loves she’s waited so long to find? Or will new alliances and old friends come together in time to save them all?

Chasing Faete AD LEO- new

*Book 2 in our Beyond the Veil series is due to be released soon! Deciding Her Faete will be out with Evernight end of July or early Aug.*

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Surrender: Coalition Mates book 4

by Sarah Marsh

Sarah Marsh 4

What would you risk to find your happy ending? Would you give the one thing you feared the most if the reward was more than you’d ever hoped for?

th31QSW7Z6Book Reviewed by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer) [ Review Posted: May 16, 2016 ]

SURRENDER by Sarah Marsh is a science fiction romance that will leave you wishing for more. When we meet Sally Owens, she’s just waking up from what she thinks is a “hangover to end all hangovers”. As the story begins, she’s replaying the events of the night before in her head. Except that she can’t remember parts of the night and oh yea, she isn’t on earth anymore. Sally and her best friend, Evie, were kidnapped by an intergalactic slave trader, but they were rescued before anything bad could happen. The bad news is that they can’t go home again. The good news is that there are delicious looking men who are more than happy to fill their lives with pleasure. When Sally is given the option to choose her future career, she chooses the Courtesan Guild and her training begins under the helpful tutelage of Arkenon, the guild master. This story was grand fun and I thoroughly enjoyed Sally’s struggles as she learned to let go, trust others and be honest with herself. And the way Arkenon goes about teaching her will leave you breathless for more. Lovers of sci fi erotica will enjoy this heady blending of the two genres into a well-told story that will have you wishing for more.

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Seduce me with words.

Inspire me with passion.

Blind me with longing.

Break me with need.


Bind me with love.


Sally Owens was content to spend her life hiding in plain sight, as long as no one got too close or tried to wrestle the reigns away from her that is…

When she goes out for a night on the town to troll for the new Mr. Right Now, getting kidnapped and shipped out into space was NOT what she had in mind. But above all else Sally is a survivor and she soon comes up with a plan to thrive in this new world.

Arkenon Quinn, Courtesan Guild Master on the planet of Sirus, is informed that one of the new human refugees wants to join the Courtesan Guild and he was of course curious. However, when he meets the audacious and beautiful Sally he finds himself signing up to be the one to mentor her against his better judgement. What he could never have anticipated was how quickly this fascinating creature would steal his heart and force him to do something he’s never had to do before- chase a female.

Will Sally’s painful past keep her from finding a future with the man who’s like no other she’s ever met? Or will she have the strength to place her body and soul in Arkenon’s extremely capable hands?

Surrender Sally AD


*I am currently working on book five in the Coalition Mates series, click here for a sneak peak!*

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Talia's Match: Coalition Mates 2

Talia Booth finds herself kidnapped from her home planet of Earth while hiking and wakes up in an auctioning facility on a strange planet surrounded by aliens. Luckily she catches the eye of a couple of beautiful men who are familiar with her species and they decide to rescue her from a dreadful fate.

Asher Rhodan and Grae Derhsavve have been looking for a third to complete their relationship and start a family and when they see Talia, they both know she’s the one. All they have to do now is convince her that a relationship with both of them is possible.

The Prince and the dragon may not be the type of males that Talia is used to, but before long she finds their attention and steamy teasing impossible to resist. Asher’s complicated family situation threatens to destroy the new happiness the trio has found.

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