Coalition Mates Newsletter – 3

Hello sisters!

I’ve got a few things that I need to share with you all, so this will be our third installment of the newsletter.

First things first, after much effort on my part through various methods of bribery, I am sad to tell you that my husbands have utterly refused to sneak back to Earth and retrieve a copy of the second Magic Mike movie when it comes out, which also means we won’t be getting the Hagen Daz Caramel Cone ice cream either….sorry Talia. Apparently Earth being a “restricted planet” is kinda a big deal. Whatevs. I tried to point out that it┬áwasn’t such a big deal that we all didn’t get our asses kidnapped! But I’ve been told in a nutshell that two wrongs don’t make a right or some such crap. Obviously they haven’t seen the first Magic Mike… makes a lot of things right ­čśë

Moving on, there are a couple of you who have been previously “talked to” about fondling various other species unusual body appendages whenever you see them– please stop. I understand that it may seem funny to you at the time, but many species do not seem to be “getting” our humour, and come on, you’re making us Earthers all look like backwater hillbillies who’ve never been out of the solar system before! …..which, yes, I know we haven’t. But gosh ladies, have some manners! Plus, instigation of familiar touch is a declaration of intent to court for many species, so you may just be getting more than you bargained for next time you think its funny to reach out and touch someone’s tentacles.

Lastly, to the very funny person(s) who anonymously sent the baby rattle to my husbands….. that was so NOT funny! It took me almost three days to┬ámake them believe me┬áthat I wasn’t knocked up. Then the rest of the week was spent trying cheer them up from their disappointment. I’m still not walking quite right.

I WILL find out who you are! and when I do you’d better watch out, I have an entire ship full of minions to cater to my every whim….and hacking into the spa reservation system to re-book you for a full body wax would be child’s play for these guys! So be very afraid bitches!

Lots of love,



Hello there!

Eve’s Rescue is with the publisher and has a tentative release date for June, so soon you’ll be able to meet the saucy wench who’s been put in charge of the Coalition Mates Newsletter! I will also post the cover art once it comes through, so thank you for reading and I’ll talk soon!


Coalition Mates Newsletter- 2


Hello again!

Its me…..Eve. I thought I’d send a quick update out to you all since we do have some news, my mates and I are in Adoan with Talia and her men and after a seriously disturbing┬áten hours of labour I am happy to announce that she delivered a robust 9lb 4oz of bouncing baby boy dragon! I’m not going to lie to you….it was a horrifying hot mess in there, but after all’s said and done he’s pretty darn cute. Even if he did burp a little fire at my face the first time I held him. I’m pretty sure my eyebrows will never be the same again. Which of course according to my husbands is my fault for sticking my googly eyes and baby-talking face too close to a newborn dragon shifters mouth… I knew? Who knows this stuff?? Well at any rate I’m sure they’ll come up with some excuse to “discipline” me later for it. I cant wait! ­čśë

Which brings me to our next topic that may be helpful to all of you trying to find your way out here in the universe. M├ęnage marriages.

Since this isn’t something that was a common option back on Earth, how could we ever have contemplated how to navigate such a relationship? Since Sarah, Talia and I have forged the path for you on this we’ve complied some tips for you if you find yourself the filling in a super hottie alien sandwich!

1. Never try to play your men against each other. This will most likely end up with them finding out and you having your ass paddled for trying to manipulate them…..on the other hand, if you dig a little discipline this is a sure fire way to get some. So enjoy!

2. If you have a large pet, say like a cat or something that happens to live on a spaceship with you, and said pet has a nasty habit of pulling out various trees out of the green space to drag into your bedroom to ‘play’, don’t try to blame the dirt trail on one of the random crew….because the freaking ship computer will just narc on you and show the vid recording of you trying to get rid of the evidence by stuffing a small tree into a┬áto a maintenance panel to your mates.

3. Lastly, whether you have six mates or one, enjoy every second of your time out here with the ones that you love. Don’t let the biases of where we came from and the small mindedness of those with a limited imagination┬ástop you from being yourself and being open to all the happiness that you deserve.

We all have our own baggage and inner battles to face, but it’s how you choose to let it affect those around you that shows your true character. Acceptance, kindness and love. Keep on putting it out there and I hopefully your ‘happy ending’ will find you in a place you had only imagined!




Well, thanks again for reading! I just finished ‘Eve’s Rescue: Coalition Mates 3’ this past weekend and sent it in so I hope you look forward to checking it out! Now to get to work on the next book in the series about Sally and Arkenon. Sally’s a stubborn serial dater and control freak who’s about to meet her match in the Courtesan Guild Master of Sirus. Good thing he’s spent his entire life learning how to see exactly what people need because Sally isn’t going to make it easy for him, but then again, that’s part of what draws him to her in the first place! But can she put her past to rest and learn to submit to a man who sets her body aflame and her heart out of control?



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