COMING MAY 16th! Catching Faete by Sarah Marsh, Elena Kincaid and Maia Dylan @evernightpub @elenakincaid1 @Maiadylanauthor

Coming May 16th to Evernight!

Catching Faete

by Elena Kincaid, Maia Dylan, and Sarah Marsh

They say that when one door closes, another opens, but when Erica made her choice to stop a madman, she couldn’t have imagined the price that she would have to pay. The future she’d risked everything for has just changed forever.

The existence of the Dark Fae and their Goddess comes as a shock, but the fates have one more surprise in store for Erica and her mates in the form of orphaned twin babies who steal their hearts—but these children are not like the Fae Erica is familiar with. They come with powers that she and her husbands know nothing about. The Dark Fae council will watch over them to decide if they are capable of raising the twins, making Ben, Erica, and Leo feel the pressure of having their every move scrutinized.

When the twins’ dark powers begin to emerge, will one Fae Queen and two warrior shifters have what it takes to navigate the uncertain waters of parenting … and will the Dark Fae council agree to let them try?


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