“Who says it’s always the damsel who needs to be rescued?” DARK REDEMPTION on sale at Amazon for .99! April 14-16 #limitlessbooks #99cent #darkromance


Dark Redemption ebook is on sale this weekend, April 14th-16th Amazon only, for .99 don’t forget to grab your copy!

Dark Redemption teaser



Sofia Boon was ready to go out make big changes in her life. So when the opportunity to ask out the handsome neighbour she’d had her eye on came up, she jumped at it. Unfortunately, her charming neighbor turned out to cause her more trouble than she could ever imagine.

            Eitan Kent was used to dealing with the worst kind of criminals in his line of work, and when he follows a tip that leads him to Sofia he doesn’t quite know what to make of her. Is she a really good liar or just an innocent in the wrong place at the wrong time? With pressure coming at him from his boss to recover what they’ve been searching for he needs to find out exactly what she knows. Fortunately, he has just the tactics to get the truth from her, who knew a little torture could be so sweet?

            Both Eitan and Sofia are confused by what is happening between them, and a leap of faith is never easy. But when fate threatens to interfere, can Sofia step up and find the courage to save Eitan the same way he saved her?


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