THE REBELLION PROJECT by Sara Schoen @limitlessbooks @SaraNSchoen

Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Coming of Age BEST SELLER. The perfect summer beach read for romance readers according to reviews. Rebellion Project, hit #9 in hot releases on Amazon! Is currently #22 in contemporary romance, #88 in Romance, and #59 in Coming of Age! Ratings are average of 4.6 on amazon!

Rebellion Project

Reviews for The Rebellion Project

“Wow!! This book was honestly amazing. I am definitely a sucker for a good romance novel and this one went above and beyond my expectations. I was truly surprised throughout the book. Definitely not your typical predictable romance novel. If anyone is looking for something to read, I highly recommend “Rebellion Project.” I could not stop reading and will definitely be looking to read more books by Sara Schoen. She’s an amazing writer. You will not regret reading this book!!” Amazon Customer 


“This novel by Sarah Schoen is very well written . She does well in her explanation of the high school experience as told by the goodie-good girl . I would rate this book a four star novel . I would recommend this novel to anyone that does not have a real experience as to what it is to be on the wrong end of bullying . Also , I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys a good YA novel.” – Books and Boys 


Rebellion Project teaser



by Sara Schoen





Lauren Scott has always been tormented by her peers for being a good girl…

She is viewed as the golden child by her parents—following their rules and allowing them to make all of her life decisions. But after a lifetime of walking the straight and narrow, Lauren feels as though her life is passing her by.

When she catches her father having an affair, she throws the rulebook out the window…

Lauren realizes that even if she does everything perfectly, life can—and will—surprise you. When life throws her a major curveball, she sets out to live for herself, making the rules up as she goes and smashing through everyone else’s expectations, but she doesn’t know how to live without a guideline. So, Lauren is forced to ask her biggest tormentor for help—Kayden Daniels.

Kayden is nothing but trouble—which is why Lauren needs him so badly…

Kayden turns Lauren’s whole world upside down with a mischievous smirk and a proposition. But if Lauren wants his help to remake herself, she has to pay the price—her virginity. With no one else willing to help her, she agrees to make the trade. But when her change becomes too much to handle, will she give up or will she keep moving forward with a new reputation and a more adventurous life?

Cliques, stereotypes, popularity contests, and drama.

Some say it’s just another day in high school.

For Lauren, it’s the Rebellion Project…



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