Writing The Dreaded Synopsis And Blurb

Great tips for writing blurbs and other hideous things!

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Honestly, and you can hate me for this, but I don’t dread writing a synopsis or a blurb.

Who knows the book you just wrote better than you? If you can’t summarize it in a couple of paragraphs for a blurb, or a page or two for a synopsis, who can? You’re the one who wrote the story. No one but you knows the plot, the characters, or the multiple nuances in the book any better.

Every day on social media I see authors complain about writing a synopsis or a blurb. So, in the spirit of trying to help, here is how I approach those two necessary aspects of each book.

handwriting-notes-1024x5761 – Keep Notes

Just what it says. Open a separate Word doc, or whatever program you use to write, as soon as you begin the new story, and keep all your notes in it. Your…

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