Happily Evil After: A Dark Fairy Godmother Series

Hi there! I just wanted to update you on a new series I’ve been working on this month, I’ve been having so much fun with it and I think those if you who appreciate the humour in my Coalition Mates series will dig this twist on our regular fairy tales!


Meet Pandora, the Dark Fairy Godmother that just doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of her brethren.

The idea for this series started when our street team group was deep in a Hero vs. Villain debate…and I took a little flack because of my Super Villain fetish. What can I say? I can’t resist a little bad boy action. 😉 So I decided that I would write a story where the sadly misunderstood villain was the one who got their ‘happily ever after’ instead of the goody-two shoe Prince.

So here is a little introduction into the Happily Evil After series, I hope it peaks your interest!

Happily Evil After

Series Prologue:

My name is Pandora, I’m a dark Fairy Godmother. What? Never heard of a dark Fairy Godmother you say? Well that’s because only about one in every one million Fairy Godmother pregnancies result in a blending of wild magic and ends up with a deviant like me.

I still remember that day at health class in Godmother finishing school…

“Girls! Make sure you never trust a boy when he says, ‘Don’t you trust me baby?’ and once you’re bonded; never have sex in any other position other than missionary!”

Yeesh, have you seen how the Fairy Godfather’s dress around here? Prancing around in their pastel leggings and embroidered velvet frocks? No freaking thank you, I’d rather have sex with the Gnome gardener that was always peeping in the girls locker room than let one of those dandies get at me.

Apparently it runs in the family, because my mother was a bad-ass too. All she’s ever told me about my father was that on one spring break, her and her fellow sorority sisters, The Raging Blue Faries, decided to do something crazy. They flew down to Florida, hit the Paranormal bar’s that were ‘happening’ at the time, had a few too many Mai Tai’s, ended up in the hot tub with a dashing male of the non-fairy variety, one thing led to another and nine months later I came into the word. In true fashion that only I can pull off, she said I unfurled my smoke grey and black wings and gave the head nurse the finger before starting to cry.

The ruling Fairy Godmother Council of course tried to make my mom give me up, since not only was she not bonded, but I was the epitome of all that could go wrong in the life of a Fairy Godmother. They wanted her to leave me in the woods for the Sprites to decide my fate and let the realm re-absorb my magic if that was its will. But like I said, my mom was a bad-ass and she very politely, because she was still a Fairy Godmother of course, told them to shove off and curled her sparkly blue wings around me.

While my mom always made sure that I knew she loved me just the way I am, I never really did fit in with our society. It’s totally true what they say about me, I do create havoc and trouble where ever I go….I freaking love doing it! I spent most of my school days punking the other Fairy God-students, even the teachers weren’t safe from my wrath. Before you bring it up, NO I was not the one who opened that damned box of sins; the fucking thing was open when I strolled into the locker room. I think those damned Pink Pixies set me up, it had only been a week since I drugged them in chemistry lab and shaved off all their eyebrows. Who knew they would be so vindictive? I almost felt like we could’ve been friends after that, too bad. Eventually, I did get kicked out of school, but not before I absorbed one very clear fact that I took great offense to within my mother’s society of well do-gooders. They used their magic to help others find their happy endings, but not all others; just the ‘good’ people who they decided deserved it.

Who were these pompous assholes that got to decide that just because someone takes a less-than-understood path in their life, that they were ‘evil’ and not deserving of a happy ending? Well I call bullshit on that bitches. See, I have my own brand of power and I decided that I would be the Fairy Godmother picking up the slack for all the misunderstood ‘monsters and villains’ out there. After all, they’re just different like me right? And let me tell you, I make damn sure I get my happy ending on the regular, if you know what I mean. *wink*


Did you enjoy that little snippet? Then you should check out my Coalition Mates series, science fiction/erotica with a touch of saucy humor!

Coalition Mates Series

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