Two for the Beta by Cree Storm







Two for the Beta

by Cree Storm

Being in the middle of a battle between very strange creatures, in the year 1915, is not something Noah or Seth even considered when they left their home to find their best friend, Damien. The battles and near death experiences have Noah begging to go home and Pete trying to keep them as his mates.

Seth feels left out of everything. He and Noah have been together since birth and in a relationship since puberty. Now Noah is needed to rewrite a book and Pete is needed to keep Noah safe, where does that leave him? He won’t be a third wheel or the reason Noah dies.

Can he persuade Noah to stay and convince Seth he is needed just as much by his pack as Noah is? All Pete knows is he must try, while he keeps his mates safe from an Elder that wants to kill them and a Baliz that wants one of his mates as his own.

Two for the Beta1


Pete had faced some serious adversaries during the hundred year war they had been in. However, he couldn’t remember a time that he felt this nervous.

“Why don’t we all sit over here, so we can talk,” Seth suggested.

Pete followed Seth and Noah into the sitting area. The men didn’t know it, but this was actually Pete’s room.

When Noah had passed out, Pete had wanted a comfortable place for Noah to recover. Having his mate surrounded by his things also helped his wolf stay calm until he could come and see how Noah was recuperating.

“So, Pete, tell us about yourself,” Noah said as he sat down next to Seth on the settee.

Shrugging, Pete said, “What is it you’d like to know?”

“What is it that you do for the pack? I mean, Asher and the others say you’re the beta of the pack and I know that means you are like the second-in-command, but sadly, I really never did a great deal of reading on wolf pack hierarchy,” Noah said with a slight red tinge to his cheeks.

Pete smiled, saying, “It’s okay, Noah. I’m sure you never expected to be mated to a wolf.”

Noah snorted. “Uh, no, I can pretty much guarantee that never entered the realm of possibilities for me.”

Pete sat back and crossed his legs. He thought for a moment and then said, “My position is a dominant one. The only wolves stronger than myself are Alpha Asher and Asa. My job is to care for the members of our pack. If they need something or have a problem, I’m the one they come to for help.”

Seth scrunched his eyes in confusion. “Why wouldn’t they go to the Alpha?”

“If everyone that had a problem went to the Alpha, Asher would never have time for anything or anyone else,” Pete answered.

Noah leaned forward. “Well, if they all come to you, then how would you have time for anyone or anything else?”

Pete looked at Noah. “When a beta is unmated, they generally like to focus on the pack around them. To know you’re helping the people you care about is very fulfilling. Once we mate, well, we generally delegate some of our responsibilities to some of the enforcers. However, in my case, since we have merged two packs, there is another beta as well as four enforcers to help out. I would never neglect my mates, Noah.”

Noah sat back, quietly whispering, “Oh…okay.”

Seth was more direct with his questions, and the next one was something that caught Pete a little off guard. “Why should we mate with you, Pete? I mean, what if we find a way back to our time? Would you force us to stay here?”

Pete had not really given that idea a thought. All he had known was he wanted his mates. With them talking to him, it told Pete that he wasn’t as screwed as he originally thought when Noah had said he wanted to go home. However, he knew this answer was important to both his mates so he needed to be careful how he answered it.

Thinking for a moment longer, Pete finally answered, “I am a lucky man. Unlike Nathan, Cain and Ira, I have two of the best parents that any person could wish for. My parents knew at a very young age that they were mates and when they were of age, they became one. Because that’s what a mate is. A mate is the other part to our soul. This is the one, in my case, two, that were meant to be mine.”

“But how can you be so sure we are your mates? What if just Noah is your mate? What if you mate with him and then you can’t with me?” Seth asked quietly.

Pete watched as Noah clasped Seth’s hand tightly and that’s when he realized something very important. Seth walked around like he was confident and strong. However, he had just as many fears and insecurities as Noah. Seth just kept his fears and worries buried deep inside.

Pete stood up and knelt in front of Seth. Placing his hand over both his mates’, Pete’s intensity could be heard in his voice, as he said, “Seth, when a wolf meets his or her mate, they know immediately. The scent that fills the room is like no other.”

Seth didn’t look at Pete, but continued to look at their connected hands. “But what if the smell is just one of us? I mean, even if it is just me you smell, I can’t and won’t leave Noah. I love him more than my next breath.”

Pete felt Noah’s flexing hand when Noah squeezed Seth harder, whispering in a choking breath, “I love you too, Seth.”

Pete almost felt left out, but realized that hopefully, in time, they would be saying the same words to him as well. Instead, Pete said, “When I smell Noah, it’s like after a long rain and the air is so fresh and cool. Then that breeze passes by and the unmistakable pine scent crosses my nostrils, like a sprig of rosemary.”

“I smell like rosemary?’ Noah asked in awe.

Nodding, Pete said, “After a nice cool rain.”

Noah asked anxiously, “What does Seth smell like?”

“In the deep forest we have a tree called a Ponderosa pine. When you scratch the bark and sniff, it smells like vanilla and butterscotch. It is sweet and very sensual.”

Noah’s smile was sappy as he asked, “And that’s what you smell when you smell Seth?”

Pete clasped Seth’s cheek as he looked lovingly into his mate’s eyes and said, “They are two very distinct scents and yes, that is what I smell when you are near, Seth. You and Noah are my mates, of that I am certain.”

Two for the Beta

**Adult content warning, contains a super sexy MM love scene and graphic language!** 


Noah looked at Pete and asked, “What did you think about when you came here?”

Pete watched as the water came down from the top of the cliff as he thought about how to answer. Just when Noah thought he might not answer, Pete said, “We had been at war so long with the other pack. I just wanted it to end. We couldn’t let the cubs run free or build too close to the other pack.”

Pete sighed as he thought back to not so very long ago. “I would come back here and sit, looking out at the stars and one would fall from the sky. I’d close my eyes and wish so hard.”

“What did you wish for?” Seth asked quietly.

Pete looked at Seth and then Noah as he said, “You. Oh, I didn’t know your name and I sure didn’t know there would be two, but I would think about finding my mate and building a home. How we would come here and swim in the pond, make love near the falls and sleep under the stars.”

Noah felt his cock stiffening as Pete spoke. He even whispered, “You’d make love, here?”

Pete turned to Noah as he whispered in a seductive tone, “Oh yes. Do you see that plant over there?”

Seth and Noah both looked in the direction Pete was pointing and Seth asked, “You mean the aloe plant?”

Pete smiled as he stood up and walked to the aloe plant and took off one large leaf. A thick oozing liquid ran onto Pete’s finger and he went back to Noah, softly saying, “I would first take my tongue and eat his ass until he was relaxed and ready to welcome my naturally slicked finger. Then I would stretch him over and over.”

Noah was panting and if he didn’t open his zipper soon, he would have marks.

Seth must have felt the same, because Noah heard him sliding his zipper down as he panted, “And then what?”

Pete laid the aloe leaf next to Noah and took his fingers to his zipper, asking, “May I?”

Noah couldn’t speak from the lust-filled lump in his throat, so he nodded as he lay back and let Pete pull down his zipper, saying, “If it’s okay with Seth, maybe I can show you instead?”

Noah moaned as he looked at Seth. Seth was stroking his hardened shaft as he watched Pete and nodded rapidly.

Pete didn’t wait as he quickly removed Noah’s pants, socks and shoes. Noah quickly removed his shirt as Pete stood and took off the pants he had put on earlier to eat.

Turning to Seth, Noah begged, “Seth, you too. I want you with us.”

Pete’s eyes shifted a bit with the smells of desire coming off his mates, saying in a gravelly voice, “Seth, will you consider making love to me?”

Seth’s eyes went huge as he quickly looked at Noah. Noah couldn’t believe how hot that sounded and panted out, “Oh my God, that would be so fucking hot!”

Seth stood and removed the rest of his clothing and waited for Pete to get to his knees. Taking the aloe leaf, Seth placed some of the clear gel on his finger.

Noah watched as Seth then tapped Pete and asked him to lift a bit and slid under the man. He knew the exact instant that Seth took Pete into his mouth, as did the rest of the forest when Pete yelled, “Holy shit!”

Pete breathed rapidly in and out through his teeth and then focused on Noah.

Noah had laid back in a slight angle to watch as Seth sucked Pete down. He knew from experience that Seth had no gag reflex. Smiling, Noah said, “He’s good, isn’t he?”

Pete nodded his head as he closed his eyes and just felt the pleasure Seth was bringing him.

Bending his knees, Noah heard Pete draw in a deep breath.

Noah didn’t know if it was because Seth had just deep throated him, or because Pete could see his puckered hole, waiting for the promise Noah could see in Pete’s lust-filled eyes.

Pete leaned down and Noah thought he had died and gone to heaven, as Pete began to lick and suckle his anus.

“Oh, Pete! Oh…Oh…Oh…yeah like that….Oh my God!” Noah felt Pete’s tongue licking the outer edge and then stiffening and pushing into his hole. The sensations were like a small charge of electricity connected from his hole to his cock.

Pete must have grabbed the aloe plant, because the next thing Noah felt was that thick digit pushing past his ring of muscles and he was being finger fucked as Pete continued to eat his ass.

Pete lifted up and groaned, “Seth…Oh by the Gods, Seth…your mouth is fucking amazing.”

Noah heard Pete groan even louder.

Feeling Pete’s fingers moving in and out of his hole, had Noah hissing, “Oh shit, your fingers feel good in my ass.”

Not giving Noah time to really think, Pete pumped his finger in short thrusts, saying, “Let me show you what Seth’s doing.”

Pete swooped down and took Noah to the root as he plunged a second finger into Noah’s stretching ass.

“Uh…” Noah gasped as he lifted his hips and enjoyed the warm moisture of his mate’s mouth on his cock and those magic fingers scissoring and stretching his ass.

Pete popped off Noah’s cock as he gasped and groaned, “I need…Seth, please…I need.”

Seth slid out from under Pete as Pete quickly added a third finger.

Noah felt his shaft leaking down the sides and then Pete’s tongue was lapping his pre-cum up and wrapping his lips around the mushroomed head.

Noah could see Seth was lubing his cock, and placing it at Pete’s hole.


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