I never realised until I published my first book in December how much emotional grit it takes on a daily basis to be an author.

I’ve always been a voracious reader and of course appreciated when I found an author who I really could connect with, an author that I could always rely on when purchasing their newest book that they would always deliver an enjoyable reading experience. We all have our favorites for one reason or another; I love strong, quirky, sarcastic characters that make me laugh out loud. I eagerly pre-order the next Shelly Laurenston, Eve Langlais, Laurann Dohner or Viola Grace novels, only to name a few of my go-to favorites, and wait like a child on Christmas Eve for the release dates. I binge read like a maniac until they’re sadly gone, silently berating myself for not rationing them out to make them last longer….then I sullenly return to reread my favorites until something new catches my fancy.

What I could never have anticipated was the excitement and the horror I would feel simultaneously every time a new review of my own books pops up, the insecurity wondering if what I’m working on at the moment is any good, or if readers will be able to connect and appreciate the characters that I’ve grown to love so much. It’s a tough job, one which I could never have appreciated until I actually had the balls to do it myself.

So to all the authors out there on behalf of a reader, thank you for sharing your wonderful imaginations with all of us who love to experience them with you!

To all the readers out there, on behalf of an author, thank you for your support and interest…and putting up with all of the crazy stuff that is running around in our heads! Without you our characters wouldn’t get to live at all.


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