Coalition Mates Series

Hi there!

My second book in the Coalition Mates series Talia’s Match is released today, for those of you who may not be familiar with the first novel Sarah’s Crew; this series hits the science fiction romance genre and tracks our heroines from Earth as they find themselves picked up/ rescued/ kidnapped by various alien hotties.

Now, since I am really new to the writing scene I’m trying to take in the reader reviews with a positive filter; taking away the constructive criticism and working on the areas I can improve. Having said that, this series is meant to be on the lighter side. I’m not gunning for epic conflict and heart-wrenching drama. I was hoping for a little humor, a little action, a little grumble and grunt…..okay, maybe more than a little grumble and grunt 🙂 and most of all, I hope by the end of the book you’re just a little bit happier than you were when you started.

Wow. That sounded super cheesy. Bah, whatever. Let me feel my feelings.

I am working on a paranormal romance that is definitely going to be on the darker side of things, with dark elves and shifters and mages…oh my! I don’t have an anticipated finish date for this one though, as I am still working full time and the nature of this story seems to take a lot more out of me to work on it. I guess it makes sense how the characters with all the extra baggage seem to be the hardest ones to drag around right? Lol, either that or she’s more like me that I consciously want to admit and I’m not ready to “release that particular side of my crazy” to the entire world! Yikes….did I really just say that out loud?

Well I really hope you like Talia and her mates!



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