DENYING THE ALPHA Anthology, various authors @evernightpub

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Denying The Alpha

Some happily-ever-afters take more effort than others…

The strong alpha heroes in our anthology are determined to claim their mates—but their women are anything but submissive. They’ll have to work twice as hard to get what they want. It’ll be a power struggle as the alphas and their women learn that the volatile energy between them is the beginning of something wonderful.

These nine hand-picked stories are hot enough to curl your toes. Get ready to fall in love with an alpha.


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My story in this collection is called Bearly Caught, here is the blurb for you!


            Daniella Holt needed to get away from a controlling ex that wouldn’t take no for an answer, she thought that a few weeks in Hillion Falls renovating her Aunt’s house before she could sell it would be just the ticket. But there’s something odd about the small community that she can’t quite put her finger on and the handsome town mayor she runs into is definitely a distraction that she doesn’t need.

            Emmett Greyson is the pack Alpha of Hillion Falls and things usually come fairly easy for him. Until he meets the niece of one of his former pack members and she has his bear all tied up in knots. Unfortunately, Dani doesn’t seem to be like any other woman he’s met before, and if he thinks it’s going to be easy to get her attention or her trust—he’d better think again.

            When Dani ends up hurt they’re all in for a surprise no one could have anticipated, but will the crazy changes happening in her life drive her back to the man she didn’t want, or will Emmett find a way to catch Dani’s skittish heart once and for all?


MOONLIGHT MAGIC anthology @cw1985


A Limited Edition Collection of Supernatural Tales


Whether it is the witching hour, dawn, day or dusk, you are sure to find a thrill with these supernatural tales of the paranormal. This collection of stories caters to every taste. From steamy to sizzling with witches, werewolves, leprechauns, dragons and even Greek gods, your pulse will pound and your heart will race. Proceed with caution when you read this compilation because what is read, can never be unread, especially not under the magic of moonlight.




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This collection includes: 


Secrets of the Hollows (The Hollows 1) by Nicole Morgan

     Lucifer once said about Andras, “His power is great, and should be feared.”


Hard Bite by Kate Allenton

     It’s going to take more than sizzling chemistry to solve this mysterious case.


The Accidental Adoption  by Lucy Felthouse

     There’s more to Rosie’s new dog than meets the eye…     


Candy Cornered by Carma Haley

     Cornered between Alpha protection and Rogue passion.


Mated by Midnight by Linnea Alexis

     A man walks into a bar…and meets his destiny.


Her Protectors by Tamsin Baker

     Brother shifters meet their curvaceous mate in this short, hot paranormal romance.


Night Hawk by J.E. Taylor 

     Sacrificed to the shadows, Naomi thirsts for justice…and revenge.     


Spellbound by Laura Greenwood

     A second chance at love makes sparks fly…literally.


Under A Darkened Moon by Jane Hinchey

     She’s a wolf on the run


Wicked by Diana Bocco

     One night. One ritual. Passion can change everything.


All Hallow’s Eve by Elena Bryce

     Seductive Lord Samhain is tempting her to stay forever…


Blood Moon by Livia Quinn

     She could destroy his world…or save it.


Fire and Blood by Cadence Denton

     She walked through flames to find him.    


Marked by Fate Book One by Adaline Raine

     A woman seeking answers finds so much more.


Shifter’s Choice by Annalise Nixon

     Secrecy. Loyalty. Desire. Who needs a band of brothers when you can form a pack of shifters?


Aphrodite Calling by Jennifer Lynne 

     Sometimes it takes the power of the gods to reveal the woman within…             


Wayward Souls by Laurie Treacy

     By saving the life of a gorgeous stranger, Holly finds her true self.


Taming Desire by Crystal Dawn

     In the end, the wolf will howl because he believes love must triumph over all.


Gettin’ Lucky with a Leprechaun by Jocelyn Dex

     At the end of the rainbow, will she find a pot of gold, or just get lucky? 


Wilde & Sexy by Angie Daniels

     It feels so good to be Wilde…


Accidentally Linked by Lexi Ostrow

     Magic doesn’t always cast as planned


Lyric by Andrea R. Cooper

     No man can resist a siren’s song…


Never Match a Dragon by Rachael Slate

     Try to match a dragon, and you’ll end up burned.


Beyond the Ashes by Kaiden Klein

     When darkness owns your soul, you have nothing to bargain with but time.


Rolf’s Quest by Aubrey Wynne

     A wizard, a curse, a fated love. What medieval dreams are made of…