Shared For The First Time Anthology- Wrapped Up In Stripes



Shared for the First Time: A Paranormal Ménage Romance Boxset
Romance Rebels Publishing

There’s a first time for everything…
Indulge in an exclusive collection of BRAND NEW paranormal ménage romance stories from 9 best-selling authors. Each story takes you on a journey into unknown territory when the characters find themselves in a ménage situation. The thrill of fun and games takes a wayward turn when hearts are involved, and the road to happily-ever-after might prove to be a rocky one. Can these trios find a way to make it work?
Shifters, witches, warlocks and vampires are just a few of the paranormal surprises awaiting you, and only one-click away…

BOSSY BOOTS by: Nicole Morgan
HOT-BLOODED by: McKinlay Thomson
LOVE & MAGIC by: Jade Belfry
ARTIC SPIRIT by: Elena Kincaid
HOLIDAY FROM HELL by: Bella Settara


Wrapped Up In Stripes

by Sarah Marsh



As the daughter of the Alpha of the Blue Valley lion pride, Heidi should have the pick of the litter when it comes to dating, but not with her brothers. Surprised with a trip on a very exclusive cruise, she’s excited to see what her fantasies may include. Bondage? Submission? Ménage? …..yes, please! If this is her chance to explore everything she’s ever fantasized about then Heidi is going to go for broke.
Who has time for pleasure? There’s far too much work to do. Wild Desires cruise line is having issues and Mason and Wade plan to get to the bottom of it. He didn’t anticipate them finding a lioness that has his tiger utterly fascinated. Neither of them seems to be able to resist the temptation that sweet little Heidi presents.
Why fight fate when it presents them with such a tasty treat?—good thing they’ve always preferred to share.



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Wade kissed Heidi’s sweet lips, loving the taste of her that filled his senses. He ran his hands along her neck, pushing back the tendrils of blond curls that fell over her shoulders until the creamy white mounds of her heaving breasts were unfettered for his viewing pleasure. Her eyes were heavy-lidded and he loved that this play turned her on just as much as it did him and Mason. He slid his hand into his pocket and drew out the blindfold he’d been carrying just for her.
“We know this must be a bit overwhelming in here for the first-time, baby,” he murmured close to her ear, “and we want you to concentrate fully on what you’re feeling—not what you’re seeing. So, we’re going to blindfold you.”
They didn’t ask her permission, nor would they from here on out when they played in this type of setting. She had her safe word, and she’d given them her trust, both were things they would never betray.
“Now, love,” Mason continued on, “just to be clear, we will be the only ones who will be touching you. All of these others may take in your beauty, but they will not touch what’s ours. You never have to question that…we may be fine with sharing our mate with each other—but we do not share with anyone else. Is that clear?”
“Yes,” she smiled first at Mason, and then back at Wade, “I’m ready.”
He slipped the silky soft material over her eyes and then let his hands trail lightly down her neck and across the smooth skin of her collarbone. Her breath caught in her throat when his fingers lightly danced along the swells of her ample breasts contained in the deep vee neckline of her wrap dress.
“Can you feel it, love?” Mason’s low voice carried just far enough to reach their ears only, “Can you feel their eyes on you?”
Wade’s own cock was now full and aching in his pants just from watching their pretty little mate bite her lip as her own desire grew to new heights from Mason’s words. He could smell the sweetness of her honey and his tiger paced inside of him, begging for a taste.
When Mason’s hands moved up from her knees to push the pretty green material up and out of his way, Wade had to stifle a groan as they both got a look at her tiny black panties that were already wet with her desire—this also gave them an idea of what kind of spa services they’d paid for today as the swollen lips of her sex were now devoid of all hair, leaving the material clinging to them in the most decadent way.
Mason’s growl when he saw the same thing was a surprise, but then again, Wade had never seen his best friend react to any female the way he did to Heidi. When his partner leaned down to blow hotly against Heidi’s wet, cloth covered mound, the moan that left her lips tested both of their control.
Wade moved on to the next step of the plan they’d discussed while waiting for their date to be ready this afternoon, softly moving his palms over the firm globes of her breasts before stopping at the tie at the side of her dress. One quick tug and it fell loose, allowing him to slowly draw it apart, revealing a black lace demi bra covering her milky white skin.