The Hunt

The Hunt

As the winter fades and the night air is rich with new life,

She stirs again within.

The warm darkness is like silk against my skin,

Coaxing her closer and closer to the surface.


She aches to be set free to join the hunt,

To raise her face to the moon in adoration,

To feel the power of the earth beneath her feet.


Oh how I long to set her free, this beast inside.

If only for a moment.

The temptation to leave my world behind and lose myself is so strong on nights like these it leaves me breathless.


My biggest fear is that once she gets a taste of freedom, there will be no returning to the life before.

I fear the freedom, I fear the power, for with it comes violent instincts long repressed.


Would she ever give me back control?

Or even worse, would I even want it?

In the Darkness

In The Darkness

Waiting in the darkness.

The emptiness is unending and relentlessly cruel.

Never feeling the warmth of his breath on my skin or the guidance of his touch.


It seems unimaginable to hope that he can find me here.

Too scared to reach out, each breath full of unrealised desires.

Equally afraid and excited that I might find what I’ve been searching for.


To long for someone with strength enough for both of us,

Someone strong enough to tame the passion in my soul.

Could it ever be real?


Or will I still be left searching in the darkness from this life to the next?


I’ve been hard at work on ‘Sally’s Surrender: Coalition Mates 4’ and have found the characters rather inspirational. I hope you enjoy the poem!





You shouldn’t have hoped that one would see who you are.

They only see what you show them. Thank the Gods for that.

The different don’t belong.

You don’t belong.


You wouldn’t be able to control your hunger.

You’d lose yourself.

They’d judge.

You’d regret.


Regret is such an awful pain, it follows so closely.

It’s always nipping at your heels, tempting you to kick at it so it can justify the bite.

Can’t it just leave you to your loneliness for a moment?

Has pain no respect for pain?